Friday, May 11, 2007

School Photo & School Program

Well, as you can see, Jordyn did not enjoy taking her school photo! She was crying almost the whole time and paused just long enough for them to snap a picture of her. At least we can have a good laugh about it now! Last year when Jordyn took her first school photo, I was very skeptical and insisted on looking at the photos first before buying them. And they did a pretty great job! So this year I figured it would be the same thing..... guess not! But, it's not the photographers fault. It was the very end of the school day and Jordyn was grumpy and tired... the timing was just really bad. Oh well, I guess we will try again in the fall!

Yesterday Jordyn's school had their annual Spring Musical. This year the theme was "Boogie Down on the Farm". It was very cute and Jordyn did a great job! Her class sang "BINGO" and "I Like Potatoes". Then all of the classes sang "Old McDonald Had a Farm" at the end of the program. Jordyn's teachers told me that during the practice she always smiles and claps her hands for Old McDonald. And sure enough, by the end of Old McDonald she was smiling and clapping. It's pretty fun to see Jordyn recognize something she likes. (Jordyn's class below)
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Jenny said...

So cute! I can't believe how fancy the farm backdrop is for their play. They mean business for their theatrical performance! Did you videotape it? Someday I want to see it!

Emily said...

Yes I videotaped's pretty funny! Somebody at Jordyn's school must be extremely talented at decorating and designing because they always have the most awesome displays and decorations for every event.

momma k said...

If you want to read an interest article about videotaping go to It was a few weeks ago. This week's is also really good about the $150 wedding.

Jordyn has been so fortunate to be in her school--they really look out for her. I loved the pictures.