Saturday, May 19, 2007

Latest Happenings...

Is it already time to blog again? Well, the only thing Tom and I have been doing the past two weeks is praying and talking ALOT. Wonder what I'm talking about? Well, to make a LONG story short... Tom happened upon a great job in Boise, had an interview, got offered a job, and is now negotiating a salary. They told us they would call Fri. (they didn't call!) or Mon. So here we are just waiting..... I hate waiting! I think I have done more research on the internet these past two weeks than I have ever done in my life! We are pretty excited and I'll let Tom blog about it more when we get the final word on Monday.

Picture 1: Evan playing in the rocks on our back patio. He loves throwing them. He actually loves throwing any kind of round object. He is actually pretty good at tossing and throwing now!
Picture 2: Jordyn and Evan in their new carseats. I special ordered Jordyn's car seat about a month ago and we finally got it yesterday. It is a special needs seat that will hold up to 105 pounds and has all kinds of padding and contraptions to help kids who need extra support sitting. I thought that Jordyn's previous car seat was huge (the one Evan upgraded to) but this new seat is a monstrosity! When I pulled it out of the huge box, I just started laughing and wondering how this was going to fit in the car! Well, it fits, but not much else fits in the back seat besides Jordyn and Evan. Jordyn looks like she is sitting in a La-Z-Boy recliner! She loves it.
Not sure if you can see very well, but Jordyn has a large amount of bruises on her left leg. They just started to appear one day and it took us a good week to figure out what was causing them! I know, pretty crazy. People kept asking us what happened and we'd say,"Ummm, we don't know!" and then they would stare at us like we were wierd or something. Luckily her school didn't think we were abusing her! So, we finally figured out she was kicking herself when she was mad! Jordyn has a very bad habit of kicking her right leg when she is angry and now she just started using her right leg to kick her other leg. But, unfortunately, even though she is hurting herself, she just can't figure out how to stop doing it. She has also started pulling out her hair too! I know.... poor little Jordyn! Another thing she does when she is mad is to rub the side of her head with her hand (it's hard to explain!) and her fingers get caught in her hair and pulls some of it out. This morning I found quite a large gob of hair in her bed! So far, it isn't enough to even notice and I'm hoping it stays that way!
Picture 3: Somehow Evan got into the tub of oatmeal and dumped it out! Luckily the tub was pretty close to being empty! I was in the other room and I was wondering why it was so quiet. I still can't figure out how he got the tub in the first place AND got the lid off. He is really getting into stuff lately. He also got into and dumped out a whole box of my organized photos.
Picture 4: Kids playing outside.

Other happenings: This quarter at school, Tom discovered a scholarship for students where you choose two books you want and write an essay on why you want them. Yep, that's it! You can choose any book you want as long as it's not a college text book or having to do with your major. The whole point is to be able to read books to "expand your horizons". You have a limit of $200 and you can also apply for it every quarter. For some reason, no one really knows about this scholarship....Tom JUST found out about it his very LAST quarter and he has been going there for almost 3 years! Just imagine, he could have recieved 24 FREE books by now. (sigh) Oh well, I guess 2 free books is better then none. Tom had one book he wanted and was nice enough to pick a book I wanted too! He chose "Start Your Own Business" and I chose "The Best Light Recipe". I love my book. It's written by America's Test Kitchen or Cook's Illustrated Magazine. And it's all light recipes! I love America's Test Kitchen but sometimes it's hard to make a lot of their recipes because they are extremely high in fat... they LOVE their butter! So this is perfect! And just my luck, today's episode on TV they were making 2 recipes out of my new book! They made light versions of Mac and Cheese and Chicken Parmesan. I can't wait to try out a new recipe now.
PS: Anyone else TOTALLY excited for the LOST season finale this week? I can't wait!

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Pop said...

Jordyn has the Cadillac of car seats all right. Fun pictures.

Topher said...

I didn't know you guys watched LOST. I knew you watched 24. Jenny and I checked out seasons 1 & 2 from the library a couple months back and watched them straight through (those were some late nights). So yes, we're excited about the season finale. Mostly what happened with John Locke (there's no way they'd kill him off with three seasons to go).

Jenny said...

Did you get it? Huh? Huh? Huh? I think I'm just as impatient to find out as you guys. Well, probably not since it's not my life. But I am pretty excited for you guys to find out. So be sure to let us know seconds after you find out!

Emily said...

Actually, we do not watch 24. We've watched LOST from the very first episode (and have never missed an episode!) and we are obsessed! I am dieing to find out about Desmond's "vision" of Claire and the baby getting on a helicopter! I don't know if you watched the producer's special last Thurs., but they said that if the characters get off the island, the show would be over. So, maybe Claire and the baby get off the island (do you think they will?), but I don't think anyone else will. So many questions....and prob. none of them will get answered!
PS: I def. think Locke is not dead.

Topher said...

we did see the special. it was awesome. I don't think they're getting off the island b/c Charlie didn't die b/c he didn't flip the switch. then in made me wonder if there's something more to Desmond, like if it was a trick to capture Charlie. guess we'll find out. And who is Jacob? That was freaky.

Emily said...

Oh don't even get me started on Jacob! That WAS freaky. Susan told me that on the forums and several websites there are actual pictures of Jacob... he's an old man. I guess when Locke shined his flashlight at the rocking chair, you could see part of his face! But, why in the world is he INVISIBLE!? Tonight is the BIG night!