Sunday, May 27, 2007

Evan's First Haircut

I thought Evan would bawl his head off when we put the clippers to his head, but he did great! He just sat there and tried to play with the hair that was falling to the ground. His hair was getting a little fuzzy for our liking so we decided to experiment and buzz it off. I think it looks pretty cute...just like a bald baby!

Well, I thought I had Tom fooled. My plan was working so great. But then, it backfired on me. I think for the past 6 months, I have been using a "negotiating" tool to get Tom to help me with certain household chores or to help with the kids.
OLD way of asking for help: "Will you do the dishes?" (Tom would say,"I just did them a few days ago." or some sort of eye rolling or whining....I'm sure all you wives out there are familiar with this!) "Will you change Jordyn's diaper?" (Tom: "It's your turn." or "I'm busy.")
NEW way of asking for help: "Would you rather do the dishes OR change Evan and Jordyn's diaper?" (then followed by eyes rolling and "Change the diapers.") Do you want to give Jordyn a bath or Evan a bath?" (followed by Tom saying,"Evan")
Giving a choice between two things to do was working great! Of course he always chose the slightly easier task, but oh well, it was getting done. So finally, after months and months of my evil plot, he finally picked up on it and the other day he said this as we were in the kitchen,"What would you rather do, unload the dishwasher or load it?" AND later "Would you rather feed the kids their snack or get them both dressed for bed?"
(sigh) I guess it was great while it lasted.
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