Monday, May 07, 2007

I haven't been able to think of anything interesting to blog about lately. So, I guess that means it's a good time to post some recent photos of the kids!

This is Jordyn's new trick. She puts her hands together
and then puts them over her head. This is quite an
accomplishment for her and she seems to enjoy doing
it too! She is actually very close to sitting up on her own now!
Well, she CAN sit on her own (If you get her situated in a
good sitting position and then slowly let go of her) for about
5-10 seconds. I guess I just assumed she would never be able to
sit independantly for long periods of time,
but now it is slowly becoming a real possibility. I guess
we should never really give up on certain goals for Jordyn
because you never know what she will be able to accomplish!

Jordyn's new haircut. We always crack up when Jordyn smiles.
She has to show as many teeth as she can! We also like to call
this photo "Book Worm".
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Susan said...

Love the photo of Jordyn in her glasses - little Harry Potter!

Jenny said...

Your kids are so cute! Runs in the family. Seeing the adorable picture of Jordyn's glasses reminds me of another cute little girl with cute little glasses that looks an awful lot like Jordyn. Any guesses of who i am thinking of? Except, I know I will never make fun of Jordyn in her glasses. She doesn't look dorky at all like the other person I am thinking of. She looks stylish!

momma k said...

My favorite picture is of Jordyn "holding" Evan. Notice the "big sister" look in her eyes. Wonder what she is thinking?
It brought tears to my eyes to read that Jordyn is almost sitting up by herself. Her new trick with her hands is real progress too.
Evan is a handsome little guy in his bubble bath!