Tuesday, May 08, 2007

It's Official!

I am officially running the St. George Marathon on October 6, 2007! Even more exciting, I will be running it with my brothers, Joel and David, and my sister, Susan!
You have to get chosen for the marathon through a "lottery" and we found out this morning that we all got in. My grandpa, aunt, and uncle all live in St. George, so we are excited to see family at the same time.
I think I am still in shock that I actually decided to do a marathon. When I started running a year ago, I told several people that I would NEVER do a marathon. And slowly I began to change my mind. First I decided to run a 5 mile race, then a 9 mile race, and then I figured I might as well do a half-marathon (still trying to find one to do near Spokane!). So, I figured if I could run a half-marathon, I might as well run a full marathon!
It also seems like running a marathon is a right of passage to be considered a "real" runner. Once I have ran a marathon, I think I will feel like I have accomplished such a HUGE goal and then I can finally tell people that I have done one!

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Topher said...

Congratulations! That should be loads of fun. You didn't mention Tom, though, so that must mean he's holding out to come for the KC Marathon on October 20th. We're just doing the half, but I'm finding that people don't hear the "half" part because everyone at work keeps asking if I'm still doing the "marathon." Can't wait to see you here, Tom! Happy training.

Tom said...

I'll do the half but leave out the marathon part.

Topher said...

Does that mean you're coming to KC, Tom? I noticed there are four Bybee's doing the St. George. I'd never heard that name before, and now they're all over St. George.

Tom said...

I don't know if I'll make it to KC,but is KFC close enough I know I can go there. Yeah there are tons of Bybee's in Idaho and Utah from what I hear.

momma k said...

This just makes me tired thinking about it.