Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Tom AKA Frank!

Wow, Tom is getting so old! He will turn 28 years old tomorrow. (no offense to anyone who is older than 28) And what better to do on your husband's birthday than embarrass him! I pulled out some of his old photos and thought it would be fun to see him growing up through the years. What a great husband, father, and person Tom is. I am so lucky to be married to him! Love ya Tom and Happy Birthday!

The day he was born. Very cute baby!

Such a cute little blonde boy. (I hope the Tom's family
doesn't mind me posting this photo!)

Your probably wondering what he is doing in this photo.... your guess is as good as mine!
Wow, ok, Tom will have some explaining to do about this photo.
When I found this I couldn't resist posting it! I think this
was in highschool. (I will be expecting retaliation on my B-day)

On his mission in SLC. So handsome!

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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Top Ten Worst Valentine Gifts for Her
(by Paul Peavy)

10. Anything that looks like you won it at the fair. There has never been an article in Better Homes and Garden on how to establish mood in a room decorated around the five-foot tall pink Tweety Bird motif.
9. Anything that you accidentally left the receipt from The Dollar Store in. Also destroy all receipts if the gift is from Napa, The Snap-On Tool Truck, or Ace Hardware. Remember the answer to the question of , “Where did you get this?” should always be, “The mall”
8. Singing Big Mouth Billy Bass. (Even the love song edition)
7. Monster Truck Rally Tickets. If you even thought this... If you even thought this…If… Never mind.
6. A football. If she says she loves football she means she likes watching over-sized steroid induced millionaire hunks running around in tight pants.
5. Anything too small. Your sweetheart is not the same size as the teen-age sales clerk. So quit saying, “Oh she’s about your size,” to every anorexic bee-bop salesperson that smiles at you.
4. Cooking a romantic dinner made with Spam or Vienna Sausage. Trust me when your huntin’ buddies say, “Hey man, you’re a pretty good cook!” They mean, “Hey man, it’s food and I didn’t have to fix it!”
3. The Best of The Three Stooges video series. The words, “Best of” and “Three Stooges” are an oxymoron in female language.
2. Pots, pans, vacuum cleaner, or anything that involves manual labor. This is Valentine’s Day, not MAID’S DAY!
1. Nothing. Even if she says, “Oh don’t get me anything,” get her something. If you arrive home and realize you have forgotten to get her anything, tear your shirt and bang your head on the car several times. Tell her you had the prettiest diamond bracelet for her but you were mugged by a teen suburban scooter gang in the driveway.* Just a reminder, Valentine’s Day falls on February 14th this year.

Saturday, February 10, 2007

A few things going on in our lives recently:

  • We have been trying to find a solution for Jordyn's on-going irritability. The doc. suggested we change her seizure meds. He put her on a new medication and now we are trying to slowly ween her off of her old meds. But this past week, when we finally got her on the full dose of her new meds, she became REALLY grumpy and would not sleep at night! Talk about frustrating! She would wake up 3-4 times a night, crying, and sometimes wouldn't go back to sleep for 2 hours! This had been going on for about a week or so (we tried many things to fix the problem and nothing worked) and I finally called the doc. They suggested that instead of giving her new meds. to her in the morning AND at night that we give it all to her in the morning. Some of the side effects can be insomnia and indigestion. So Friday morning we gave her all the medicine in the morning and lo and behold... last night she slept ALL night and didn't wake up AT ALL! Hallelujah! I don't think Tom and I have ever been so happy! Now let's see if she does it tonight too...

  • Friday night Tom and I celebrated Valentine's day early. We were trying to think of something fun to do. We got online and looked up a few local events in the area. My idea: The "Chocolate Walk" in downtown Couer D'Alene. You walk through the downtown shops and sample free chocolate! It doesn't get any better than that... Am I right Ladies? Tom's idea: The Spokane Auto Show Or Monster Truck rally! Can we say... NO WAY! So, we compromised and went to Black Angus and had a steak dinner (very manly) with a nice chocolate dessert (very girly). It was great food!

  • At the end of March my friend and I are running a 15k race near Seattle. I am really excited to take a short weekend trip and run in some great scenery right along the beach shore. So, I have a "training schedule" that I have been following. Susan and I run together 3 days a week and the other days I do strength training or yoga. This morning we finally got to run on the Centennial Trail (the snow finally melted!) and it was fun. It was great weather... foggy and cool. We ran 7.5 miles... the farthest both of us have ever ran before! I am already way ahead of my running schedule and feel like I will have no problem running 9 miles! I think I will run a half marathon this year, too! Sometimes I can't believe that I like running so much. I think back to when I first started and how hard it was. And now I am addicted and absolutely love the feeling of running. I think the key is to get past running around 4 miles... then it just changes and you feel like you could run forever. Whenever I am in a bad mood, stressed, or just feeling "bla", the first thing I think of is to go running or get some sort of exercise. It just makes you feel so much better!

  • Ok, so I've been posting a lot of pics. of the kids lately, but I couldn't resist posting these photos. And after this, I will stop embarrasing my kids so much! I like to call it CELEBRITY LOOK-A-LIKES!

"Jordyn the Gymnast"

Look-a-like: Mary Lou Retton

Wow, that's a long tongue.

Look- a-like: Gene Simmons from KISS

( I have to say, Evan is much cuter and not so evil looking!)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

Happy Groundhog Day from Jordyn

Jordyn just wanting to wish everyone a Happy Groundhog's Day tomorrow. She made this hat at school today... it says "The Groundhog WILL see it's shadow." We'll see if she guessed right! Jordyn also got her first ride on a tricycle at school today! Her teachers said she really liked it. It's too bad I couldn't get a photo of her riding on it... maybe next time. I also had to show off how well Jordyn's face rash is healing. If you saw her at Christmas time, you might remember how red and chapped it was. After trying every cream and ointment we could think of, we got a prescription cream and it is finally starting to clear up well.
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