Monday, August 09, 2010

Jordyn’s New Bike!

Check out Jordyn’s hot new wheels! She loves her new bike.

Spearfish Canyon Half Marathon

On July 24, I ran the Spearfish Canyon Half Marathon. It worked out perfectly because my marathon training schedule had me running around 13 miles that day. So, what the heck, might as well make it a little more interesting! 

I woke up at 4:30 am that day to get there in time! It’s about 1.5 hrs. to get there from Gillette. Tom and the kids even tagged along. I’m so glad they came! Spearfish is a really cute town and in a beautiful area.

Everyone rode buses up to the top of Spearfish Canyon to the starting line. Well, I may have got there a little late and they were one bus short. So, a bunch of us had to hitch rides in people’s cars. Lucky me, I rode up with the race director!

Perfect weather. About 55 degrees at the start and lots of shade. I felt awesome most of the way. Starting getting sore around mile 10 because of the slightly downhill grade. Let me tell you, besides the soreness in my calves, that downhill running was HEAVEN! I finished in 1 hour 53 min. Wooo! WAY faster than I was planning!

Tom kept the kids entertained while I ran and they met me at the finish line. They thought I was cool because I got a medal. Now they keep playing with it around the house and Carter says, “You won mom, you won!” I really want to find a kid’s race for them to do!

After the race, we went to a fish hatchery. Pretty cool place. The kids were obsessed with feeding the fish and makin them go crazy. They loved it!