Saturday, February 24, 2007

Happy Birthday Tom AKA Frank!

Wow, Tom is getting so old! He will turn 28 years old tomorrow. (no offense to anyone who is older than 28) And what better to do on your husband's birthday than embarrass him! I pulled out some of his old photos and thought it would be fun to see him growing up through the years. What a great husband, father, and person Tom is. I am so lucky to be married to him! Love ya Tom and Happy Birthday!

The day he was born. Very cute baby!

Such a cute little blonde boy. (I hope the Tom's family
doesn't mind me posting this photo!)

Your probably wondering what he is doing in this photo.... your guess is as good as mine!
Wow, ok, Tom will have some explaining to do about this photo.
When I found this I couldn't resist posting it! I think this
was in highschool. (I will be expecting retaliation on my B-day)

On his mission in SLC. So handsome!

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momma k said...

Happy Birthday to Tom! He is such a special part of our family. Hey,
did you highlight your hair on your mission, Tom? Have a great day!

Susan said...

Happy Birthday Uncle Tom Sherry!

Tom said...

The mission pic is actually the day I was going home (that is why there is airplanes on my tie) a few of us that were going home put "Sun In" in our hair the P-day before and then played golf all day long, we didn't know it was going to be that dramatic of a color change, but supposedly the longer you're in the sun the more effect it has.

Jenny said...

Now I need to hear the story behind "Tom Sherry." And of course we need to hear the story about the dress and shawl. And I was also going to ask for an explanation about the highlights, but that has already been addressed. We love you, Tom. Happy Birthday!

Jenny said...

PS. Tom's mission picture makes him look like a double for the main actor in the movie, RM. Kirby Heybourne, or something, is his real name. My kids are watching the movie right now and it's kind of freaky how close the resemblance is. I think he went to the same mission as you too. No, he went to Evanston, Wyoming in the movie.

Tom said...

I have no good explanation for the dress and shawl, except that is what my friends and I did that night when we were bored out of our minds and had stayed up way too late...I was supposed to be an old woman. Anyways lets all try to forget about that picture and move on...Tom Sherry is a local weatherman (by the way he probably is the best and least annoying of the weather people here) anyways I guess Elizabeth really likes watching him on TV and knows his name so one night when we were over there we were all sitting at the table asking Elizabeth to say all our first and last names and when everyone asked "whose that Elizabeth?" (while pointing to me) she said "Tom" they then asked "Tom who?" and she said "Tom Sherry" and then has continued to call me that and thinks that's my name now, which is fine with because he seems like a very nice guy.

Topher said...

stay up late, check. start feeling silly, check. feel like doing something goofy, check. pull out my prettiest dress, you know, the blue one with the flowers on it, che.. WAIT. Where's my pretty blue dress, the one with the flowers on it? Oh yea, I told Tom he could borrow it. He wanted to wear it to his "Statics" class.

Linda said...

Happy birthday, your so lucky to have childhood pictures!!!!! The one that's on there of our family is one of the three mom has of me and the earliest one is one that the school took of me on YOUR picture day in kindergarden!! Maybe there are a few more of me in the background of pics of you, I'm not real sure.Any way hope you had a great day, and really your not too old, I turn 27 this year, Crazy being closer to 30 than 20!