Thursday, May 24, 2007

For LOST Fans!

Well, if you don't watch the TV show LOST, this post will be pretty boring for you to read. But, I couldn't resist getting the opinions of other people and what they thought of the season finale last night. First of all, I couldn't believe it was actually 2 HOURS long! They have never done that before and I was so excited!
So here are my questions and theories:
  • Who is Naomi working for and is she good or bad?
  • Is Ben telling the truth that everyone will die if they phone for help and that he has been blocking the signal this whole time to save everyone? (I actually think Ben may be telling the truth, at least to some extent. I don't really know WHY they don't want them to call the boat, maybe the people on the boat are bad?)
  • Is Walt still on the island, or was Locke "imagining" him?
  • How does Locke get healed and out of the ditch?
  • Is Kate pregnant? (I think she is.)
  • How did Penelope (Penny) show up on the computer screen in the underwater hatch? She would have had to have access to their computer system.... is she involved with the island and "the others".
  • And what in the WORLD was going on during the last 5 min. or so?.... Who was Kate talking about when she said,"I better go, he'll be wondering where I'm at."? (possibly a child? ... if she was pregnant? Or Sawyer, if they are together.) ... is Jack's father really dead? (he says,"Go get my father etc..." when talking to the new doctor)
  • Who is in the casket? (I got on the messageboards and numerous people noticed that the coffin was shorter than normal. Also, they said that the newspaper clipping said something about a man hanging himself in a loft apt. So, the theory is that it is Locke.... he came back from the island (was forced to) and the "magic powers" of the island were gone and he was paralyzed again.... and possibly had to amputate his legs (explains the short coffin) and decided to kill himself because of his legs. I think it could make sense!
  • My theory about Kate and Jack being off the island is that either the "others" or whoever is on the rescue boat, lets some of them going home (for whatever reason!) but that some have to stay. Those who go home are threatened that if they tell anyone, those on the island will be killed. That is why Jack says he is sick of lieing and wants to go back... to rescue those left behind. That is my pitiful excuse of a theory!

So, what did you think? I can't wait to hear what your theories and questions are too. So many questions and now we have to wait so long....

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Pop said...

It's good I cannot watch this (other commitments on Wednesday nite) because I think I would be absolutely and totally LOST.

Jenny said...

I am SO mad we have to wait until January or February. I just read that they are only playing the seasons each spring (16 episodes each in 2008,'09,'10). It makes me want to stop watching. Or just be very impatient. I read a theory that suggests the whole plot line is similar to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. That was hilarious and out there!

Topher said...

Here was my Thursday and Friday at work: every 20 minutes the phone rings. "Hey it's me, Jenny". Hello. "So I was looking at theory websites again and get this. [enter whatever theory she just found].

My favorites were the Willy Wonka theory and the one that John Locke was in the casket - it was a shorter casket because he had his legs amputated.

Can't wait until May 2010.