Monday, December 29, 2008

Carter Turns ONE!

My little baby boy is ONE! Carter's birthday was on Saturday, December 27th. We had a nice little party for him with family on Saturday night. He opened his presents and then we ate cake and ice cream. You can see a picture of the cake on the collage below. It was a snowman cake and turned out really cute if I do say so myself!

I can't get over the feeling like I need to remember every moment while Carter is a baby....even though I know I won't be able to remember everything. I just don't want to forget what he is like at this age! Sometimes I'll just sit and hold him and try and savor every minute... his soft skin, his baby smell, his perfect features, and his tiny fingers and toes. Or I'll hold him and think,"Please don't grow up, please don't grow up." I wish he could stay a baby forever! I can't even explain how much we love this little guy!

A few things Car Car (his nickname) is doing right now:
- He has this little "spunk" to him and seems so smart for his age.
-He is starting to walk pretty well. He gets up and down by himself and can take about 5-10 steps at a time.
- He babbles A LOT! From the moment he wakes up, he babbles all day long. We even think he has said a few words (at least it sounds similar to them): Hi, Boo, Rex, Car Car, & Jesus.
- He loves to play peek a boo and wrestle.
- He knows when he's in trouble. He'll smile and then crawl as fast as he can to get away.
- I think the #1 thing we'll remember the most about Carter at this age is his squealing and screaming for food! Carter is obsessed with eating! If the food on his plate is gone... he squeals. If he sees someone else eating, he'll stand by them and squeal. If he see any food at all.... he squeals and screams until we give in and feed him. You can see in one of the photos in the collage that he is screaming in his high chair because his cake and ice cream are gone!

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momma k said...

The real word for Carter's squealing is really "squawking". He sounds like a mother duck when someone is coming too near her babies.
He is such an adorable little boy though that this is definitely minor. We all love him to pieces and will miss him sorely when they are not staying with us.

Cherie said...

Carter is such a cute boy!

Happy Birthday - Love all your pictures:)