Monday, December 08, 2008

For the Husbands

Here's a little video clip to help the husbands out with Christmas shopping this year!

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Collett Family said...

I loved it! I have to say though, that I would love a new Dyson Vacuum for my anniversary (or for Christmas, Valentine's Day, a birthday . . .) - call me old fashioned.

Cindy said...

Great video. I'll make sure Jeremy gets on and takes a look. I love the camo outfits you and Tom were sporting in your thanksgiving blog. Looks like tons of fun. There is nothing like being in the wilderness. It's so peaceful. Your sister's gingerbread house was amazing. Very creative.

Wendy said...

That's funny.

Hey, I was going to let you know that I made an addition to the crispy roll recipe. Just thought I'd let you know in case you make it again.

DNAWILD said...

Love the Blog, thanks for the invite. I saw your mom not to long ago, I had no idea you had three kids, it's been too long. I hope things are starting to work out for you guys there in gillette, that is my home town, where I grew up anyways, It is sad that they still only have three wards, there are a lot of GREAT people there though. I am excited to be able to keep up with you better now I know about the blog. HOpe the holidays are great.