Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Thanksgiving...something to blog about!

Wow, I don't think I've gone a month without blogging in a long time! Well, I'm back and since we recently had a holiday, I have something to blog about now! We went to Tom's parents for Thanksgiving and it was great. Since they live on a ranch, we're lucky enough to use the "lodge" when we have lots of family there. Have I explained what his parents do? In case you forgot....they work on a ranch owned by a wealthy oil guy (previously owned by a wealthy CocaCola guy).Tom's dad keeps up the ranch and his mom cooks when the boss and his guests come. His parents have their own home on the ranch and then there is a lodge that the boss and guests stay at when they come. It's strictly by invitation of the boss...not like a dude ranch or anything. I guess it's mostly for recreation of the boss and whomever he invites! Anywho....we had GREAT food and lots of fun.

Kiddie table! I'm getting really bad about not taking pictures of the adults! I'll get some of the grown ups next time.

The suit and camera add 50 pounds! Tom and I went out on the ranches Polaris Ranger after dark. It was really cold so we threw these suits on to stay warm. We called it our "Redneck Date". We drove out into the middle of no where, turned the headlights off, and just sat there in the quiet. It's probably my favorite thing about the ranch. It's SO quiet, you can't hear ANYTHING! And you can see the stars SO well at night. I love it.

Our new Christmas tradition...hot chocolate floats. If you haven't ever had this you have to try it. You just make hot chocolate and add a few scoops of vanilla ice cream. YuM! When you're done eating the ice cream, your cocoa is extra creamy and cool enough to drink really fast. Another version is to take a bite of vanilla ice cream and then a swig of cocoa and swallow. (Not recommended for those with sensitive teeth.) (Tom made me write that "funny" part) Delicious. I also read that mint chocolate chip ice cream is really good in the cocoa...I'm definitely going to try that next! We made this with the kids and their cousins the other night. They thought it was so fun that we were actually putting ice cream in our cocoa. So, I raised my arms in the air and said in a loud voice,"I declare this our new Christmas tradition!!!"
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Topher said...

Wow, now if I can only photoshop your old blue glasses on your face in that cammo picture the image will be complete.

Nice artsy picture of that cocoa mug.

Pop said...

I saw a Cabela's ad for a cammo recliner. If you got one, Tom could sit in the recliner with the cammo coverall on and you'd never be able to find him to come do the dishes.


Shannon said...

Oh man. I don't know what scares me more, seeing you in that cammo outfit or knowing there is a recliner made out of cammo. YIKES!!! Glad you had a good thanksgiving. I was at Disneyland all day! The lines were short so it was good day at both California Adventure and Disney.

Brandon Brazington said...

Hey Sister Bybee,
I keep trying to email you guys and have had no response for a long time. I was hoping that you could email me or my mom. I don't want to leave my email address here, but if you check the one I have always used you'll find it there or you can just email my mom.

Cherie said...

Welcome back to the blog world - ha ha!
Your Redneck Date sounds really romantic - love the suits:))

We always have "Brown Cows" which are vanilla ice cream in chocolate milk but we will definately have to try the ice cream in the cocoa that sound so YUMMO!!

Are you guys all settled now?

The Barney's said...

Love the cocoa float idea and we will definitely be trying that soon (even though I shouldn't)!!

I love the picture of you and Tom and your "redneck date". Hey it is free and wonderful I bet to be away together in the beautiful and peaceful outdoors. I'd totally do it!! Glad you guys had a great Thanksgiving!