Wednesday, December 05, 2007

The Past Few Weeks

Jordyn starting riding a cute little red bike at therapy! Last week she tried it for the first time and was grinning from ear to ear. This week I got video of it and even though she isn't smiling, I could tell she enjoyed it again. She also works with the therapy dog every week too and they go on a bike ride and walks together. I know most parents think their kids are the cutest and love every little cute thing they do, but I have to say I think this might be the cutest video ever! I think it is the fact that you know Jordyn can't pedal a bike on her own, so to see her pedaling is so cute! (the bike pedals automatically when it's pushed forward)

Most of you know that my mom was kind enough to come and stay with us while we wait for the baby to come. First of all, I have to mention a few things that I have been LOVING while my mom is here. 1. She does the dishes after EVERY meal! I don't know about you, but our sink is usually overflowing with dishes at the end of the day. I don't think I have washed a single dish in the last 2 weeks. 2. I have hardly cooked a meal in the past 2 weeks. She cooks almost everything 3. I have someone to talk to ALL day long! 4. And of course, I have had a lot of help with Evan and Jordyn! Thanks mom!

So, what have we been doing the past few weeks while my mom is visiting? We spend most of our morning taking care of Jordyn & Evan and then getting ourselves ready for the day. The we get Jordyn off to school and usually go shopping to one or two stores, until I get too tired and my feet are sore! We've been taking Evan to the library story time every Tuesday also. Then my mom and I go check out books and other magazines. We also went to the park last week. It was a little cold, so we didn't stay TOO long. But, the kids really enjoyed it, as usual. Today we are baking cookies to freeze. We already froze a pan of turkey enchiladas and blueberry muffins. Isn't baking so fun? Maybe it's because it always taste so good!

We are looking forward to Grandpa's arrival.... we aren't sure when it will be. I guess the new baby will decide that! We have all kinds of activities planned and places to go, but decided it would be more fun to wait for Grandpa for some of them.

The last photo I included is of Evan "cooking". I am sure other parents do this, but it seems like if Evan shows any interest in something, we think that is what he will grow up to do. Now we think he's going to be a chef. He loves to get the pots and pans out and pretend to cook. He also likes to watch the cooking segments on shows. He will even "cook" something and then pretend to feed it to Jordyn! We also think Evan's favorite animal is a dog, because he barks at every animal he sees and seems to LOVE dogs. But, isn't barking one of the first animal sounds most kids make? It's funny how you can take your kids' actions and interpret them! Evan started imitating me when I put my deodorant on and he "styles" his hair in the mirror, like Tom. Oh, he also loves to dance! I've been trying to get video of it, but it seems like he stops whenever I tape him. Hmmm dancing, cooking, and being vain? Maybe we should be worried about Evan!? :)

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Topher said...

Tom.... hair... ?

Who are you kidding?

Susan said...

Great photos and video! I just saw that this next year they are going to build a special disability park at Mirabeau. Too bad it wasn't here earlier for Jordyn.

Jenny said...

That video was awesome! Jordyn has developed so much since we saw her last Christmas!

Wendy said...

That is so cute!! Its always so fun to see our kids progress. I love watching Ethan at his swim lessons cause its just fun to see him develop new skills. I never get tired of it.

Summer said...

She is adorable on the bike! That's so cool she works with a therapy dog. I'm so glad your mom is there to help you out. She sounds like a treasure!