Thursday, December 27, 2007



Day: 12.27.07
Time: 12:02 pm
Weight: 8lbs. 0 oz.
Height: 19.75 in.

Mom and baby are doing well! We will post more information and photos tomorrow!

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Topher said...

Congratulations from Uncle Chris! Why does Tom/Frank look more tired than the one who did all the work?

Carter, I may slip and call you Evan sometimes, but that's ok. Evan doesn't mind that I call him Ryan.

Jenny said...

He REALLY does look like Jordyn!! I was a little confused with the photo of him in a stocking cap. I thought he had a black 'fro.

Congratulations from Aunt Jenny! He's adorable. Tom and Emily, you guys are adorable too!

Susan said...

Congratulation to you guys! Wow, he really looks like his siblings.
Great photos.

Jenny said...

Congratulation! You really deserve more than three comments about the birth of your BABY! We'll keep 'em coming, alright?

Topher said...

Wow! I looked back and yes, he does look like he was born with a 'fro in that one picture. That alone should have people commenting.

Topher said...

this comment brings you up to six.

Jenny said...

Ok, now it's just getting annoying, huh?

PS this makes seven!

Emily said...

Awww you guys are so nice! I'll pay you back with lots of comments on your blogs too. Now this makes 8 comments! haha