Monday, December 17, 2007

Our First Tree

These pictures are from the first part of December, but I am just getting around to posting them! We got to buy our first Christmas tree this year! For the past 5 years, we've always traveled to Montana and Wyoming and spent at least 2 weeks with family. We would always decide not to get a tree because we wouldn't be around much to enjoy it and because of the lack of money! This year, we had to stay home, due to Tom's new job and having the baby.

We are quite proud of our first tree. We tried to keep it as cheap as possible. We found a great deal and bought our "pre-lit, 6.5 ft." tree on sale for $45! It's almost impossible to find a decent tree for that cheap! We were really surprised at how great it looked after we set it up. I bought just a few decoratons to put on it and then we were lucky enough to recieve some very cute ornaments and decorations from Tom's sister, Linda. Thanks Linda! So, I think we outfitted our entire tree for about $60! Now if I could just find a nice looking tree skirt that didn't cost a fortune!

Jordyn really enjoys looking at the tree. One night she managed to roll and scoot her way over to the tree and was kicking the branches and knocking the ornaments off. Evan even does great with the tree. He went a little crazy when we were setting it up and was throwing ornaments everywhere. But, after a few time-outs, he hasn't removed an ornament since!

The Finished Product

My sister-in-law, Maria, tagged us awhile ago to share stories about our
favorite Christmas tree ornaments. So, here is a picture of the FIVE ornaments
we owned before this year! Unlike many in my family, neither Tom or myself came into this marriage with any ornaments! The bride and groom ornament we recieved from my Aunt and Uncle for our wedding.The "Merry Christmas" ornament was made by an eldery lady in one of our first wards after we got married. The others we recieved from family members through the years. I'm sure we will gain more sentimental ornaments over the years.

Growing up, my favorite ornament was a little beaded angel. I remember fighting with my brothers and sisters over who got to hang that ornament. Anyone else remember that ornament? I also loved the stuffed Santa we had that sat on the fireplace.I am keeping my eye out for a cute stuffed Santa to sit on our fireplace! Isn't it funny how you want to have some of the same things for your kids that you remember having when you grew up? I also loved our tree skirt. I'm not sure if I understood what a "tree skirt" was, because I would always wrap it around my waist and pretend it was a real skirt!

Evan eating the decorations.
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Jenny said...

I have several comments. Most importantly, the little beaded angel was MY favorite ornament and I will cat fight you for ownership of it if it still exists. :)

Secondly, I get the fireplace santa.

Thirdly, I get the tree skirt. But it would never fit around my waist because I was too fat! haha.

Lastly, should we be worried that Evan has a glass ball in his mouth? Cause I'm kinda worried! :)

Happy First Christmas Tree. It's about time!