Friday, December 28, 2007

Check Tom's Blog & Update

Tom actually posted something new (I know, hard to believe). He has a tribute to our new little one and I wanted to post it on my blog, but since Tom made it and he needed some help in actually getting a new post up on his blog, I let him post it. Check it out here.

Well, Carter and I are home now! We left the hospital today (Friday) around 4:00 pm. We are both doing great!

Here is how the delivery went: We arrived at the hospital at 7:30am & my doctor came and broke my water at around 8:00. We had a little scare when the doctor thought the umbilical cord might come out before the head... causing an emergency C-section. But, they moved the baby around and fixed the problem. Once I started having a few stronger contractions, they gave me my epidural (yeah!) around 9:00 and started pitocin, which helps move labor along. Then we just waited until I was fully dilated and the doctor was ready to deliver. I think I pushed about six times and then Carter arrived!

After delivery, we moved rooms and enjoyed a "Celebration Meal" that Tom also got to eat for free. We could order as much food as we wanted (and we did!) and it also included a bottle of sparkling cider served champagne style. The rooms were complete with a double bed (with vibration and massage features), wireless internet, and even remote control window shades. Today, I also enjoyed a complimentary massage! It was great! I'm so glad I chose to have Carter at this hospital.... they really make their patients feel comfortable.

Last night, Jordyn, Evan, and my mom and dad came to meet the baby. Evan really wanted nothing to do with Carter and kept pushing him away when we'd try to get him to hold him. Jordyn seemed happy to meet her brother. I included a video of what Evan was doing most of the time at the hospital. Be sure to watch it until the very end.... it is really funny!

Now we are home and trying to adjust to our new lives. I'm so glad we have my parents to help us until the first of the year. I think it's going to be quite the transition for us! Evan is warming up to Carter too... he kissed him twice tonight and has been walking around imitating the "coos" and "cries" from Carter. We'll keep you posted on our new little guy!

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The Barney's said...

emily you finally had him!!! congrats!! the video was so funny! the hospital sounds so nice, almost makes me want to have #4. JK!!!!!!!!!!!!!! but i am so glad you were treated so well. i'll be getting a hold of you to bring a meal-love lori-oh carter is a great name and he's beautiful!!

Anonymous said...

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Proud Momma said...

Congrats you guys all look great! Cute little guy...and Emily I wish I looked like that after having a baby...I'm trying not to get as puffy this time around!

Wendy said...

Congratulations! I'm so glad you had a healthy baby and that everything went well. And Carter is a very cute name. I can't wait to meet him!