Wednesday, December 26, 2007


Just a quick note before I write about Christmas. I am being induced tomorrow morning at 7:30am! Yippee! We are very excited & nervous too. I'm sure things will go great though. We will post photos on here as soon as we can!

We had a great Christmas. I actually think it was better to have the baby after Christmas. This way, I could fully enjoy Christmas, get lots of sleep, and spend quality time with family. My dad arrived last Friday. Then my brother Dave and his wife Mel, arrived on Saturday. It was so fun having everyone stay here! It really makes you miss family and wish you all lived in the same town. Sunday night we had a nice dinner with everyone, including Mel's parents and Mel's sister & her family. Christmas Eve we went out to breakfast (see post below) and everyone finished up some last minute shopping. Then we head over to Mel's sister's house for a tasty Turkey dinner. We also had the kids act out The Nativity. It was cute! Christmas Day we opened gifts and had a relaxing day. Thank you everyone for the gifts we received! I have to brag about my favorite gift. Tom got me a Garmin Forerunner! It's a GPS system you wear on your wrist, for running. It has all kinds of crazy features to help you train and improve your running. I can't wait to actually be able to use it!

Hope everyone had a great Christmas too! The next post you see, will FINALLY be pictures of the baby!

Mel's niece, Mia, as Mary & Evan as Joseph

Jordyn as a shepherd. Notice the sheep on her lap!

Evan waking up Christmas day and seeing his presents
and toy piano.

Jordyn with one of her favorite gifts, a scarf she got
from one of her teachers at school.
Video Below: One of Evan's favorite gifts was a little piano. Someone actually gave it to us because their kids had outgrown it. We decided to just give it to him as one of his Christmas presents. Imagine, the one present we didn't buy for him was his favorite!

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Topher said...

Did anyone notice that as soon as Momma K tried stealing Evan's thunder by asking Mel if she took piano lessons Evan turned sour. "Grandma, I have the floor. Stop talking and more clapping!"

Anonymous said...

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Joel said...

And I thought there was too much clapping at the local symphony performances! Evan is on his way to being the next Chopin!!! :-)