Friday, January 05, 2007

Wyoming Trip

We spent the week before Christmas in Buffalo, WY with Tom's family. Actually, I should say "Frank's" family. Growing up, Tom's family and friends called him Frank (his middle name), because his dad's name is Tom. When Tom, I mean Frank, moved to Billings to go to school, he decided to make a change and have everyone call him Tom. So when we are in Buffalo, I make an attempt to call him Frank, to avoid confusion. (and during this Wyoming "post" I will call him Frank!) It seems like it would be wierd, but for some reason it's not too strange! Then when we go to Billings I have to go back to calling him Tom!
I feel like I am so lucky to have such opposite in-laws from my side of the family. I know, sounds wierd, but I love that they have such different lifestyles. In Wyoming, my in-laws live on a ranch 30 min. from town. Ranch work has been a big part of all of their lives, even in Frank's siblings lives. The guys always go hunting or fishing most of the time we are there. And if it's nice enough, the kids can go fishing or 4-wheeling too. This year they even cut down a Christmas tree with all of the little kids. When we go to Wyoming I feel like it's my time to be outdoorsy and enjoy the beautiful scenery and animals. And one of the things I love the most is going outside and night and being able to see the stars so well! And if you stop and listen, you hear nothing! No cars, or police sirens, no neighbors, or ... anything. Pure silence!
Then we go to Billings and I feel like I get to be a "city girl". (even though Billings isn't THAT big of a city) We do a lot of shopping and always go to at least one movie (it used to always be the newest Lord of the Rings, but this year it was The Pursuit of Happiness). We always sit and visit with my siblings or my parents and play a lot of board games too. If it's nice outside, we'll take the kids to the zoo or go to the park. And everytime we are there we go on a drive to look at all the huge new houses that are being built around town.
Doesn't it sound so perfect? I really do have the best of both worlds! I love it that way. I think it fits me so well because I love being a combination of outdoorsy/sporty and then sometimes being a real "girly girl" and getting all primped up. It can't get any better than that!

Our 3rd annual Live Nativity Scene. Left to Right: Clay, Evan, Jordyn, Cole, Caleb, Joseph, and Ryan. Oh, and two dad's hiding in the background.

Ninny (Frank's mom, Glenda) with the six boy grandkids. Jordyn is the only girl grandchild on the Bybee side of the family!

Cole, dressed up in Pa's (Franks's dad) cowboy boots.

Clay, dressed in his cowboy gear and ready to rope calves (their favorite pretend game). I loved that Clay decided several times to inform us of what Jordyn was saying to him.
"Jordyn said that I am her daddy!"
"Jordyn said that she wants to play hide and seek with me, but that no one can cheat."
"Jordyn smiles at me everytime I come by her.. she likes me."

Sooo cute!

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