Monday, January 29, 2007

The Many Faces of Evan

Evan has such an expressive face. We are always laughing at the funny faces he makes! So, I caught a few of them on camera. The only one I haven't ever been able to capture on film is his "pouty lip" face. When he's sad, he curls his bottom lip and pouts like you wouldn't believe. It just melts your heart!

Left Photo: It looks like Evan is thinking,"Hmm, what should I get into next?" And he is also raising one eyebrow, which he does often.
Right Photo: Just another "wide eyed" look. And he was also trying to clap his hands!

Many times Evan will curl his top lip over his bottom lip and smile. We think it's so funny and cute!

Right Photo: Very happy.
Left Photo: Very mad.

Just your basic cute photo of Evan being very happy.
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Susan said...

Don't you just love this phase? -so many cute expressions. I see Evan all the time and I even think he looks older in these photos.

p.s. I like the photo effect you did, how did you do it?

Emily said...

The photo effect is an option on our photo managing program called "Picasa".