Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Love To Organize

For the past week and a half, I have been going through our apartment, room by room, and organizing! I do one room every day (if I have time) and I spend about an hour or two on each room cleaning, organizing, and throwing old stuff away. Luckily, we live in an apartment, so we don't have THAT much stuff. It feels really good to have a pile of stuff we haven't used in forever and take it out to the trash or to Goodwill.
I have been saving our bedroom and the kid's bedroom for last, because they are the WORST! Does anyone else hate having to go through your children's clothes over and over again, weeding out the stuff they have outgrown?? It seeems like I just did it yesterday! and I am sure I will be doing it again very soon. And speaking of their room, I still haven't got to it yet. (It seems like one of them is always sleeping in there!) Once I clean their room, the whole apartment will be done!
So, yesterday I did our bedroom and I was dreading having to organize the desk area. So here is a look at the before and after! And there is a lot of papers and junk that I cleaned that you can't see in the picture. Now I love walking into the room and seeing such a clean and organized desk! I hope it stays clean for a little while...


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Pop said...

Very impressive. Do you hire out?

Susan said...

I don't see the difference....what did you do?

Just kidding, it looks great! I think we have an organizing gene in our family. Good luck with the kids' room, I always dread that one too.

momma K said...

These would be good pictures for an Office Max ad.

I can always see what others should get rid of...Hey, does anyone want a nice collection of vintage National Geographic?

Jenny said...

You inspired me to clean out my kitchen cupboards today!

I love before and after pics. You should put up before and after pics of you and Tom getting into better shape.

Emily said...

Oh so you think we need to get in better shape huh!? Ha just kidding... I know what you meant!

We have actually said several times that we wished we would have taken "before" pictures. But, now it's prob. too late because we have already lost most of our unwanted pounds.