Friday, January 05, 2007

Billings Trip

On Christmas day, we left Tom's family and drove to Billings. We got there just in time to talk to my little bro. Todd on the phone. He's been on his mission in NYC for four months now. All of us had a ton of questions for him and I think we got a better picture of what his mission is like. It sounds like he is starting to adjust and doing very well!
All of my brothers and sisters, except Joel and his wife Maria (we missed you guys!), were able to come. Everyone is spread out... from Kansas, to Utah, to Washington, so it's always great when most of us can get to Billings. We are trying to talk everyone into moving closer together. It will be interesting to see where everyone ends up in the future... hopefully a little closer! After being together for a few days, you really miss your family when it's time to leave! When I got home, I realized that I would have to start cooking our meals again! I think we get very spoiled on vacation.
We also did a nativity play with the kids. Eli wrote and directed the play... it was so cute. I took video of it, but not any photos. Evan was baby Jesus and Jordyn was an angel.

"The Cousins" - Left to right: Jordyn, Evan, Nathan, Katherine, Liam, Eli, and Elizabeth.

Jordyn opening a Christmas present. She got so many cute clothes. I think she is the most stylin' little girl ever!

Evan and Rex. Evan was quite fascinated with Rex and I think Rex was starting to warm up to Evan too.

This picture goes along with the post below. See what happens when you let your kids hang around with those cowboy folk? Ha, just kidding... it's plastic if ya didn't know.

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Anonymous said...

I think I have the cutest grandkids ever. They were all so good when they were here. It is soo quiet now though and Rexie, Grandpa and I miss everyone.