Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I have been trying to think of something to post about for a few days now. I finally started searching random websites trying to find SOMETHING to write about. And I came across Mad Libs! Ever since I can remember, I have always loved Mad Libs! If you don't know what those are... you have missed out on life! I remember filling them out when I was little and laughing so hard I would cry. Or I remember laughing so hard that you couldn't even finish reading the rest of the story! So, here is a Mad Lib that Tom and I filled out. And here is the link to the website I used... (www.brainofbrian.com/madlibs) it has some pretty good Mad Libs. Or just do a search for Mad Libs. Fill one out and if it's funny, post it in the comments! Enjoy!


Hello, all you silly ladies and gentlemen! Are you tired of having brick red teeth? Are you tired of watching around hiding your righteous, strong Midnight purple teeth? Do you wish you could have creamy teeth like Napolean Dynomite? Wish no longer! For only 758 dollars and 1,212 cents you can have vicious teeth today! Simply, before you go to home each night, apply this convient substance to your appendix. It has the wonderful taste of hamster! You will feel it working right away by the fluffy tooting sensation. By the next morning, this stanky substance will have dissolved away your shiny old teeth! Finally, coat your gums with syrup and hold your new teeth (included in this crusty kit at no extra charge!) firmly in place for 2 minutes. It's as easy as that! Don't delay! Buy today! (Side effects may include burping, runny eyes, and HIV.)

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes mad libs are hilarious and sometimes they are strange. You kids just loved them and we would sometimes take them to do on road trips.

Anonymous said...

The Primary President in our old ward did a mad-lib story about Thanksgiving dinner with the kids. It brought down the house that day and was so cute--they loved it. When we had to think up our own sharing time ideas sometimes we were a bit unconventional!