Sunday, June 06, 2010


Here is my little catch up on recent photos and things we've been up to this spring!

The boys were playing with some safety goggles we had laying around the house and I thought the photos were pretty hilarious!

In May, we headed up to Billings for a few doctor's appointments for Jordyn. Seems like we've had a lot of those so far this year! Just check ups and a few minor procedures. Might have to write about those later. Most of Tom's family met us up there and we all went to the indoor water park. Always a fun time! In May, there are like FIVE birthdays in Toms family all within days of eachother, so at least we got to celebrate some of them all together!

Ninny came to town to visit and got talked into pulling all the boys in a wagon. Carter, Clay, Evan, Cole.

Awww, gotta love cousins!

Ninny was nice enough to bring us some snow fence & posts to put up a makeshift fence until we get around to putting up a real one. I was about to go nuts trying to keep the kids in the backyard!!! Evan's always up to something back there as you can see in the pic. below.

We've been to Buffalo quite a few times this spring. One of the weekends we went into town and the kids got to ride a mechanical bull. Our kids were too scared to ride so I just got pics of their cousins, Clay and Cole riding!

Jordyn thought it was very exciting!

More of our adventures to come.......

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Jenny Moore said...

The water park looks like so much fun!!
Your kids are getting so big! They are super cute!!
Glad things are going well for you.

Proud Momma said...

Buffalo NY? That is a few hours from us, if that's where you were:)