Friday, June 25, 2010

This is what we do in Wyoming

In May, we went to the branding for Pa and Ninny's ranch that they work for. There were tons of people there, so the work was not very hard and didn't take too long. I just chased the kids around and helped Ninny prepare some of the food. Ninny cooked/prepared the food for everyone to eat when they were done.

Evan kept getting mad about whatever and then he would go sit on the ground and pout. Had to take a few pics. of that! Oh, they also have a guy that works for them who is originally from Argentina. He makes a huge grill over a fire and then cooks tons of meat. Not sure what he puts on it, if anything, but it was awesome!

The first weekend in June, Ninny had her first "Kids Play Day" at their indoor horse arena, that they bought about a year ago. The kids can enter in all the events or just a few. They had calf dummy roping, goat tale tying, barrel racing/ poles/flags (on horses), and a boot race. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place of each event won a little money. Then every one won some money on the boot race. Our boys were pretty excited when they won some cash! We all decided it might be really fun to market the event to "city slickers" that may have just moved to the area. Then their kids could experience Wyoming living!

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Cherie said...

Wow your kids are looking positively like cowboys out there wrangling and all that cowboy stuff!!

Hope you are all doing good I love it when you update - we think of you often!

Pop said...

And at our house they get to play in the sandbox! : )