Friday, April 02, 2010

Jordyn & Evan's Birthdays!

Jordyn turned 7 yrs. old on 3/20/2010!

Jordyn and Grandma A.

Evan turned 4 yrs. old on 3/21/2010

We had a family party in WY the weekend before their birthdays. I think Evan's fav. gift was his Spongebob video game from his Aunt Linda and Uncle Travis. Jordyn loved her Care Bear blanket from Aunt Krystal.

Then we had a second party in Billings. We headed up there for a few doctor's appointments for Jordyn, so we stayed to celebrate on their birthdays! Evan requested a "Robot Cake" because he loves the new cartoon "Umi Zoomi" and his fav. character is the robot. I'm all about making it easy and this worked great.

Yes, Jordyn slept through most of her party! (photo above)

My kids are obsessed with cake.

My best friend, Jeni, was in town for the weekend, so she came to Evan and Jordyn's party, along with her son, Jackson, and her mom and dad. We lived on the same street growing up, so it was GREAT getting to see them and visit for awhile! Jeni gave the kids a bubble machine... they loved it!

Isn't Jackson so cute? We thought him and Carter looked alike.

Aww, daddy/daughter picture!

We tried REALLY hard to get a good picture of the kids before church. The boys DO NOT cooperate! This was the best we could do...not too bad! Jordyn is wearing her new dress that her Grandma A. bought her. Jordyn made out pretty good with three REALLY cute dresses this year.

Hope you had great Birthday's, Evan & Jordyn!

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Branden and Andy said...

I totally missed placed your address. I'll have to write it down in my computer, I think I can look it up on Face book. I think Jordyn (and Evan) look pretty cute. I love her smile. How is she doing? Anything changed about her reflux? I will write I promise! Love to all!

Sarah and Cory Smith said...

Happy Birthday Evan and Jordyn. That is funny that their birthdays are only a day apart. Busy Busy!! Your kids are adorable. Isn't it amazing HOW MUCH you can love them!

Collett Family said...

I can't believe how much they have grown up since you moved from Boise. Happy Birthday! We miss you guys here in Idaho.

Proud Momma said...

Emily you look fabulous! Wow, I love hearing motivational stories like yours! It's amazing how much our kids motivate us hey?