Sunday, May 18, 2008

Weekend Update With The Bybee's

We had a busy and fun weekend! Friday night Tom and Evan went to our ward's father/son camp out at a hot springs nearby. They ate good food, swam a lot, and drove home late Friday night. Tom said that Evan was a little afraid of the water and would only stay near the stairs and splash around!

The Famous Idaho Potato Marathon started on Saturday at 8:00. I was pretty worried about getting too hot because the high was supposed to be 93! (it did reach 93... a RECORD high!) But, I just dumped water on my neck the whole time to try and keep cool. I felt like the first 7 miles went really well. I kept a good pace, felt really good, and the time flew by. Then after that, it got much harder as you can guess. It felt hotter, I was getting really tired, and the time felt like it was going slower! But, all in all it went really well and I'm so glad I did it! I really do love the whole race atmosphere... hearing everyone talk "running" talk, checking out everyone's gear and clothing, and being able to run with so many people around you. I don't have my "official" race time yet, but I think my Garmin is pretty accurate... or at least within a few seconds. My time was 2 hrs. 15 min. and 48 second. Yes, I missed my goal time by 9 seconds! I really started to speed up the last few minutes because I could tell that the time would be close. Then I could see the finish clock and was pretty much all out sprinting trying to make it across the line in time! Even though I missed it, I didn't really care too much. I can confidently say that I was running as fast as I could the whole time! One part of the race was near a golf course and a golf ball flew right in between me and a runner in front of me! It had to have been about one foot away from hitting me.... close call! At the end of the race they gave away bags of potatoes to the winners in each age group (I bet they were so proud) and even had baked potatoes to eat (I passed on those thank you very much!). They even had a person dressed up in a funny potato mascot costume. Evan was totally scared of it. Sadly, I don't have many photos of our weekend. Tom was hurrying out the door to get to the race on time and forgot to grab the camera. I'll post a link to the race photos when they post them online. Just for fun... here are the stats from my Garmin on each mile of the race:
Mile 1- 10:01
Mile 2- 9:55
Mile 3- 9:54
Mile 4- 9:48
Mile 5- 10:07
Mile 6- 10:11
Mile 7-10:09
Mile 8- 10:27
Mile 9- 10:26
Mile 10- 10:46
Mile 11- 11:06
Mile 12- 10:52
Mile 13- 10:24

Saturday afternoon we went to our Stake Cultural Arts Show. People from the stake could display their hobbies/talents for everyone to look at. They had some really cool stuff. Some people were professionals (photography, woodworking, art, etc.) and others were amateur, but still pretty impressive! It made me start thinking that I need to have cooler hobbies! They had live performances throughout the event and we watched a group that played somewhat of a bluegrass sounding music. They were actually really good!

Saturday night Jordyn went to her first birthday party! I was so excited when she got the invitation and had been wondering when she would get invited to her first party. It was a boy who's in her class at school and her class at church. You could tell he was SO excited to invite Jordyn. Most of the kids at the party were his relatives so we were flattered that he chose Jordyn to come too. His dad told me that he talks about Jordyn all the time and once said that when he grows up Jordyn is going to be his wife! Haha too cute! Jordyn had fun watching the kids, playing games, and eating cake and ice cream.

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Holly said...

Good job on the race!! I thought about you all day Saturday and wondered how hot it was for you. Your time was awesome! I'm really impressed...that's awesome.

Susan said...

Congrats again on finishing - that's so awesome! Are your muscles very sore?

Cindy said...

GOOD JOB!!! You did awesome. Great accomplishment. I'm right there along with you. I ususally hit mile 7-8 and start getting so tired and just ready for the race to be over and then when it finally is you can't believe it's over and you finished. Great time and keep up the good work. It's something you do once and you want to do it again and again.

Wendy said...

Go Emily!! I'm impressed that you ran that far and were so close to your goal time. That's amazing. Maybe one of these days if I can get motivated I'll train for one with you.

momma k said...

I'm just glad we don't have to look at Glen Beck's picture any more. I do hope you will be inspired to blog again.

The Barney's said...

It sounds like you guys had a fun and busy weekend! Congrats on your race and time. I cant even imagine running that far!! I hope to do a 5k sometime and I sure that will kill me! Oh, do you know where the hot springs that Tom and Evan went to for their father and son. Sounds very fun!! Lori

Maria H. Andersen said...

Congrats on your race time ... I'd say that 9 seconds is within the margin of error. Just think, if the race course was just 10 meters off, you probably made your time!

Joel said...

Congrats Emily!!!
Just being able to run thirteen miles is something to be proud of, and you had a very good time, especially given the temperature. Keep it up!!