Friday, May 09, 2008

Need something to do?

Check out these blogs from my family and friends for something fun to do:

1. My brother-in-law Chris has been nominated for the Best of Sports Blog Award! You can go to the website and check out the different categories and their nominees too. And be sure to vote for Chris' blog under the sports category!

2. My sister Jenny is raising money and participating in "Take Steps for Chrohn's and Colitis" in June. Check out her only have to donate $5 to help her reach her goal. Wouldn't it be awesome if she raised a whole bunch of money. And don't you feel great when you donate for a great cause? (Now that I've plugged both of their blogs, I'm expecting a really awesome birthday present this year. Ha!)

3. If you can believe it....Tom has a new blog post!!! It's a miracle. So, check it out because it may be the last one for awhile!

4. One of our friend's posted a typing test on their blog the other day. Tom and I are addicted. We've been trying over and over to get better scores. So, take the test and see how you do. Another fun thing to do is have someone cover up the bottom part of the screen so you can't see the words you are typing...then see how well you do and tell us your score. Oh, and try to beat the Haslam's score of 106 wpm.... amazing!!! (the link for the test is down below)

74 words

Speed test

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Pop said...

When I went to work for the federal government 35 years ago ( did I mention I am retiring in 11 weeks?), it was the end of the Vietnam War and it was difficult to get hired if you were not a veteran. After a summer internship in Washington, D.C., USDA wanted to hire me, but couldn't because I was not a veteran. They decided to hire me as a clerk typist for a time, but the catch was I had to pass a typing test. I had never taken typing in high school! I tried seven times and finally passed the test. I can't remember, but I think I only had to type something like 45 words a minute. I took your typing test and scored 50 words a minute. See, I have accomplished something in my 35-year career!