Thursday, May 29, 2008

Preschool Grad

Jordyn graduated from preschool yesterday! They had a cute program for the families. The photo below is Jordyn and her friend, Wayne, singing Old McDonald Had a Farm. Jordyn started to get mad if her aide tried to sit her in the chair... so she sang her song standing up! It was cute.

Jordyn receiving her "diploma".

Her class had caterpillars and watched them turned into butterflies. They got to release the butterflies yesterday while we were there.

Jordyn watching the butterflies being set free.

Jordyn helped me make these cute cards for her teachers and for her bus drivers. I think I got the hand print idea from my sister Jenny. We did something similar for Jordyn's teachers in Spokane when we moved. The front is Jordyn's hand print and then you just turn it over and the picture of Jordyn is on the back. (I wish I could have printed Jordyn's photo in color but I ran out of color ink!) Then I laminated the cards. I like to do the hand prints because then they know that Jordyn really did help me with it and it's a little more meaningful!

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The Wynia Family said...

That is such a cute idea, I am definitely going to have to do that one! I can't believe that she has already graduated from Preschool, Ethan had his graduation yesterday and it just amazes me!

Gina said...

Hi Emily! I came across your site and just wanted to say hi! Congrats on the running! You must really like it. It's good to see Jordyn standing up! Is she walking around now? I just started a blog, so nothing fancy yet, but now we can keep in touch better. It's at Check it out!