Saturday, May 24, 2008

Farmer's Market

Today was a great day to check out the Farmer's Market in downtown Boise. The weather was perfect! We decided that this was the best Farmer's Market we have been to so far. They had a TON of booths and most of it was really neat stuff. For the rest of the day we were trying to think of something WE could sell at the market... still can't think of anything! Carter and Evan have both been sick with colds the past few days. We actually had to take Carter to the ER on Thurs. night because he was wheezing really bad. They gave him a breathing treatment at the hospital and some meds. for home. He is doing much better now! Evan was not feeling too great today either. But, we decided to get out of the house anyway. He just rode around in the stroller and didn't really do too much. I think he still had fun! Click on the photo below to see our day.

Just a quick update on Jordyn's reflux problem. I can't really remember where I left off. She had an upper GI and they found out she has Eosinophilic Esophagitis. You can click on the link and read about it if you want. It is most commonly caused by a food allergy. So, now we are going to see an allergist. If they find that she is allergic to something, then she can be totally cured of throwing up! We can't get into anyone until the end of MORE waiting. It's SO frustrating having to wait so long to find a solution. We've been referred to a few different doctors for her throwing up and then you have to wait a month or more to get in to see any of them! I think we have been seeking a solution to her throwing up since January or early February! If they find she isn't allergic to anything... then she has to be on a certain medication for a really long time and we'll just have to deal with the throwing up until the meds help her. So, we are actually hoping they just find something she is allergic to. I can't say enough how TIRED we are of Jordyn throwing up. We know it's not Jordyn's fault but, you can probably imagine how annoying it gets. We have to take extra clothes everywhere we go (and I do a ton of laundry!) and she wears a bib at home and in the car almost all of the time. She's also lost 2 lbs in the past month or two... so we also have to try a few tricks the doctor told us about to get her to gain weight back. I can't wait for this problem to be fixed!

Farmer's Market

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shelee said...

I came across your blog today because of your reference to eosinophilic esophagitis and wanted to pass on a little bit of information that we've learned over the past 6 months that we've been dealing with it. It's true that EE is generally triggered by food allergies, but environmental allergens can also play a role. Having allergy tests done is a good place to start with the elimination process, but you do need to be aware that they are more of a starting point than anything. Be sure to ask for all three tests when you meet with the allergist; RAST, skin scratch/prick and Patch test. Each one can be a little piece of the puzzle and give you a little more information. Proteins (dairy, soy, chicken, beef, eggs, ect...) are common triggers so since you have such a long wait before seeing the allergist, you may want to start with eliminating as many of those foods from your child's diet as possible. EE generally causes a delayed reaction which means that keeping a food diary likely won't help much. We were able to get our son's EE cleared up by going on an elemental diet (neocate splash is a good option for older kids) and by giving him an oral steroid for two months. His symptoms have completely cleared but he remains allergic to nearly all foods and is still only on an elemental formula. I would talk to your doctor about trying an elemental formula if an elimination diet doesn't work because it helps something like 94% of kids (vs having to take steroids long term). If you have any other questions, or just need someone to talk to, there's a wonderful support group (very familiar w/reflux, EE, medically challenged kiddos, etc....) at The site is temporarily down for maintenance, but should be up and running again soon. Hugs.

Cindy said...

Sorry to hear about Jordyn. She has been so much through her short life and she always seems to have a sweet smile to give. I guess just keep on waiting and hopefully a solution will come sooner then later. By the way great pictures. The day looked like tons of fun. You are looking really good. How much weight have you lost? Hope all the kids getting back to healthy soon. Carter is growing so fast. What a cutie!!!

Baby Health Blogger said...

Hi Emily - Like Shelee said, elemental diets such as Neocate are often the most effective treatment for EE and are side effect-free. As a Senior Nutrition Specialist for Nutricia, the maker of products such as Neocate, I hear from parents in your situation all the time. I would be happy to speak with you or send you more information on Neocate. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me at
– Sarah

Danna said...

Hey Emily! Looks like a fun day at the farmers market. Your kids are getting so big, especially Jordyn. She is so cute! Sorry about her EE diagnosis. That sounds so hard! Good luck and keep us posted. Also, great job on your half marathon. Good for you! I ran one a couple years ago, and I thought the second half was pretty hard too. Reading about yours made me want to run one again!

Josh and Kim said...

My cheeks didn't get that big actually. My dentist said that he gave me something for the swelling, I had never heard of that so I just figured that he was pulling my leg or something. I would LOVE to get together with you while you are here in June! My kiddos would love to meet yours. Josh and I are actually planning on moving to Boise in a year so that Josh can finish school there, we can't wait!