Friday, September 14, 2007

Zoo Boise 2007

Last night we attended Tom's work BBQ at the Zoo. We have never been to the Zoo, here in Boise, so we were excited to go. They had some great food and then we were free to walk around the zoo for a few hours. I got to meet the Pres. and Vice Pres. of the company... very nice guys. I told Tom, as we drove home, that he seems to work with some really nice people. He agreed... he said everyone really gets a long and the "head honchos" in the company are nice guys. It was nice being there at night because it was cooler and Tom's work had the whole place rented out so we didn't have to deal with crowds of people.

When you go to the Zoo, does it seem like all of the animals are hiding, sleeping, or not even there? I heard several people saying,"I haven't seen many of the animals out." But, I also heard another person saying,"I've seen more animals out tonight than other times I've been here." So, who knows. They had some cool animals and the kids loved it.

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