Thursday, September 06, 2007

Tom is watching the first game of the NFL season... so I'm bored.

  • Last night I went out to dinner with a group of friends. It's funny because at one time or another, we have all been in the same ward.... in Spokane! Now, all of us (5 including me) live in the Boise area. Two of the girls have lived in Boise for the past year or two. The rest of us have all moved down here in the past six months. We've met at the park a few times already,with our kids, and decided to have a "Girls Night". We went to the Cheesecake Factory and it was REALLY good. It was hilarious because we had a long conversation, during dinner, about having babies. There were two men eating right next to us (and I'm sure they could hear every word we were saying)... I would have loved to hear their thoughts on our conversation! So, it was a lot of fun and I think we might make it a regular thing now. It's been great having these girls around so that we feel like we at least know a few people!

  • I think I may have my own personal secretary now. I mentioned earlier that I got hooked up with a company that provides us with a "service coordinator" for Jordyn. It has been so great! Today I got a lengthy e-mail telling me all the people she has called for us and all the appts. she has set up. I hardly have to call anyone anymore! One of the most frustrating things to deal with, when it comes to Jordyn, is having to call so many doctors, customer service workers, secretaries, and a million other people. You ask people to send faxes; they mysteriously disappear. One person tells you one thing; another person tells you something else. You send something in the mail; they never get it. You leave a message for someone; they never call you back. Our service coordinator eliminates most of this frustration because she gets to deal with it, not me!

  • I finally did it. I had someone watch Evan today while I took Jordyn to an appointment! I was so proud of myself! Jordyn had an appointment at the dentist and they were going to attempt a cleaning and x-rays. I knew Jordyn would get mad and then I would need to calm her down. So, taking Evan could have been a disaster. There is a girl in the ward with a little girl the same age as Evan and I asked her to watch Evan. I could tell she obviously didn't mind at all and she kept telling me over and over, "If Jordyn has doctors appts., bring Evan over... we don't mind at all!" So, she may be my "go to" person for a babysitter. In six months, Jordyn has her next dentist appointment and I scheduled Evan for the same time. By then, the baby will have been born also. I've been thinking all day.... How am I going to take Jordyn, Evan, and the new baby to the dentist!? I guess we will figure it out when the time comes!

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Pop said...

I think this "service coordinator" concept is really great. It is hard to know what programs are available and which you are eligible for. Sounds like this person is a real advocate for Jordyn, just as you guys have always been.