Tuesday, September 04, 2007

First Day of School

Jordyn had her first day of preschool today! (Not the greatest photo, but it was the best I could do.) She is in an afternoon class with about 4 other boys. In Spokane, she was also in a class full of boys! Her teacher seems really great and so do the assistants. Last week we went to an open house to meet the teachers and other kids. We found out there are two other kids from our ward, in Jordyn's class. I can tell they already like her. One of the little boys from our ward ran up to her today and was saying,"Jordyn's here! Hi Jordyn, Hi Jordyn!" It was cute. The other kids started last week, but Jordyn had to wait while the school finished her paperwork and got the teacher's trained on how to handle seizures. We also went to a second meeting, last week, to meet with all of the therapists who will work with Jordyn. They asked me LOTS of questions and we set up goals for Jordyn. At the meeting, her teacher said,"Today, one of the boys in Jordyn's class said,"Where is the girl with the big wheels?"... I had to laugh at that!
It's good to have Jordyn in school. I feel like her days will be a lot more fun now... instead of just being at home with me! I also took Evan to the library today for a "toddler reading time", while Jordyn was at school. I think we will go to that once a week, so he will have something fun to do also. I guess this means our summer is officially over! But, it really is kind of nice to have a change of pace. Now the kids are both sound asleep and I can get a few things done!

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Pop said...

Every time I think about "the girl with the big wheels" I laugh.