Saturday, September 08, 2007

Perfect day to go outside!

It was finally cool enough to go spend some time outside. (without sweating or passing out from heat stroke!) The high today is supposed to be 79, I think. I have been telling Tom for the past few weeks that we should go on a picnic! Of course, he was never too excited about that idea. But, he finally agreed to go because I said we could go downtown to Ann Morrison Park (where we saw the fireworks on July 4), which we've been wanting to go check out during the day. And I also said we could do a little geocaching too. Usually if I include geocaching into our days activity... he doesn't mind going!
A few days ago, I was watching Dr. Phil and he was asking his wife, who is always in the audience, about romance and dating in their marriage... or something like that. She was saying that he does pretty good being romantic etc, but "He could go on more picnics." Then Dr. Phil started explaining why he doesn't like picnics."I just don't understand picnics. Why would I want to eat my food on the ground? Why do I want to eat my food outside and on the ground when I have a great table, and plates, and air conditioning at home?" I thought it was pretty funny and I think that is probably exactly what Tom was thinking!
Anyways, our picnic was going great until we started getting bugged by hungry bees! Oh yeah, I forgot about BEES bugging you at picnics! So, I was pretty much running around the table the whole time, trying to get the bees away from me and Jordyn. (sigh) Oh well... It was still a good picnic. We walked around the park, checked out the cool fountain, and fed the ducks and geese.

Photo Below: Evan eating the bread istead

of throwing it to the ducks.

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momma k said...

I loved the picture of Evan eating the bread crumbs. Jordyn looks like she enjoys seeing the ducks too.