Thursday, January 07, 2010

Christmas in Wyoming

We celebrated Christmas with Tom's family a few weeks before Christmas. We all met at his parent's house in Buffalo, on a Saturday, for Ninny's annual prime rib dinner. It's to die for! Everyone just played during the day and we had a little birthday party for Carter (pics to come later). We had the delicious prime rib dinner, nativity scene with the kids, and guitar playing later that night. Sunday we all went to church together, it was great!

This was the best pic. I could get of the kids getting ready for the Nativity scene!

Pa and Krystal

Carter playing with his new puppies.

Pa playing his guitar.

Tom playing the guitar.
We found out that there is a guy in Gillette that dresses up as Santa and you can "hire" him to come to your home and visit your kids. So the week before Christmas we teamed up with Travis and Linda to surprise the kids. I think they liked it! Santa did a great job too.





Evan (and Belle)

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Susan said...

OK, where's the picture of YOU sitting on Santa's lap?

Cherie said...

Looks like you had a wonderful "Wyoming Christmas!!"

And if Krystal would have just stood a little more to the right she would have looked like she had the antlers on! ha ha