Monday, January 11, 2010

Carter's 2nd Birthday!

On December 27, my little baby turned two years old! Doesn't his cute face just make your heart melt??

We started the celebrating with his cousins in WY a week or so before his birthday. When everyone asks me what Carter likes or what is he into... I could easily say "Cars and Puppies!" So, I made cupcakes with little cars on top. Brilliant idea if I do say so myself! I was originally looking for cupcake toppers from the movie Cars, but couldn't find any. I found these little cars at Walgreens in case your wondering. It was a hit with the kids because they all wanted to choose what car they wanted and to play with it right away. And I loved it because it was super easy.

Since Carter is only two, I don't think he fully understood what was going on. All he knew was that he was getting lots of cars, puppies, and eating cupcakes and icecream! Probably the hit of this party was the puppy that Ninny gave to him (brown and white one). It barks, pants, moves its front legs, whines, and makes chewing noises. Carter held onto that thing all day long. His little cousin Megan kept trying to play with it and he would get so mad and defensive! He just love puppies!

Then we celebrated Carter's birthday in Billings the day after his birthday. We had to wait for all his Aunts and Uncles to arrive! We bought Carter slippers and pajamas from the movie Cars. He loved them! He also got lots of books because he LOVES to read.
I made the same cupcakes for his party in Billings. I searched high and low for a cupcake tower in Gillette, but the two good stores we have were sold out :) So I got one in Billings and it worked perfectly.

I think he had a GREAT birthday!

What else do I want to remember about Carter at this age??

  • He loves eating more than ANY kid I know

  • He will try and eat almost ANY food you give him

  • He loves reading, puppies, and cars

  • He loves wrestling and is very tough

  • He copies everything his big brother does

  • He loves playing and doing anything with his big brother

  • He calls his big brother Carter

  • He has to sleep with his green blanky

  • He loves Jordyn and gives her binky to her

  • He likes pushing Jordyn in her wheelchair

  • He still runs away if we're outside and he has the chance

  • He is very smart and talks really well

  • He weighs 33lb. and is 90th percentile for his weight (told ya he likes to eat)

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Collett Family said...

Happy Birthday Carter! It is crazy how quickly the two years went by. I remember when you were pregnant with him and you were my visiting teacher. Courtney will be two soon as well. They grow up too fast.

Shannon said...

Awww this is adorable!!! He is sooo cute!! Good job on the cupcakes EmmaCA! ;)

kado! said...

oh man...those cupcakes are CUTE! My boys would love then too!!

came by to say hi form Cherie's blog! hope you don't mind! =)