Sunday, November 29, 2009


I thought I better post something before people stop reading my blog! Kind of a quiet month, so I just posted some of the pictures I've taken recently.

Cute little Carter running to give me a hug!

A little while ago we babysat Krystal's dog, Joey, for a night. Of course the kids were loving him....and probably torturing him at the same time! I got a few cute pictures of them together. In the first picture they are sitting on my yoga mat. Evan insisted that Joey wanted to lay down on it for a bed. Evan was quite the little care taker with Joey!

Not sure what Carter was eating, but he made a mess as usual. The kid loves food!

Even more recently, we set up the Christmas tree this weekend. Tom even put Christmas lights on our house too! Really cute picture of Tom and Evan putting the star on top, isn't it?
We had a really great Thanksgiving too. Tom was on call for the weekend (he never did get called in) so we had to stay in town. We had Thanksgiving at Travis and Linda's house. Tom's parents, Chae's family, Krystal, and Travis and Linda's good friends all came for the whole day. Of course we stuffed ourselves and then played a bunch of games. A pretty great day!

Can't leave Jordyn out! I just love her funny smile in her school photo. Way to show all the teeth you've lost Jordyn! Gotta love it.

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Pop said...

Joey looks like he fits right in. Godd pics!

Anonymous said...

Jordyn's picture is darling, but she does look like someone punched her in the mouth! I just want to squeeze those three kids!

Cherie said...

I cannot believe how big Carter is. Since he was just a baby when you moved it feels like he shouldn't have grown so much. He is such a cute little guy!

Sounds like you had a great Thanksgiving with friends and family!

And "Way to Go Tom" for putting lights on the house - Whoo hoo!!

Jordyn really has lost alot of teeth. I think the picture is darling!

The Wynia Family said...

TAA benefits are basically for people that have been laid off for one reason or another and haven't had luck finding a job or are in need of more training. Since I was laid off at Stillwater I qualify for the benefits. I honestly think that they don't share this information with people that have recently been laid off. And thank you! Sometimes I just have to take it one day at a time and realize that this is what life is all about, right here, right now! Oh, and Kendra's school pictures look a lot like Jordyn's except she managed to push her tounge through the holes in her mouth :)

Proud Momma said...

Hey Emily, we got that cabinet at Ikea and the baskets too! Love it because it holds and hides a lot!