Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween 2009

I love dressing the kids up in a "theme". Who cares if they had no idea who the characters were, they still loved it! I actually went to the library and borrowed Peter Pan so they could watch it. Carter could have cared less and Evan watched most of it. I watched a little bit and wondered if I have ever even seen the movie! It sure didn't seem familiar. It's one of the older Disney movies and they are just so different and almost unusual in a way! And I have to say that I spent a total of $17 on all three costumes. The best was Evan's.... it cost $1. I found the pirates set at the dollar store! Not too bad!
We had a great weekend with Tom's family. Chae and Misti came from Sheridan and Tom's mom, Glenda, came from Buffalo. We played games on Friday night at Travis and Linda's. Oh man, that was fun. We now have an inside joke that we'll probably be laughing about forever. It's still cracking me up. Sorry, can't write about it on here! Guess you'll just have to go crazy wondering what it is!
Saturday we had a little birthday party for Chae and Misti's son, Joseph. Then had pizza, went trick-or-treating, then went to a little Halloween carnival that the city puts on. It was a GREAT Halloween!
Yes, Carter has TWO Halloween bags in the picture! He was so cute marching around to all the houses. I would try and get him to catch up to the other kids and tell him to RUN! Then he would run as fast as he could (more like waddling) to catch up. He didn't want to miss a house! Oh and he was just in AWE after he got all that candy! He was such a cute CHUBBY Peter Pan!

THE CREW L to R: Ryan (army guy), Joseph (Robin), Caleb (Ninja Turtle), Cole (Bears Football player), Sumner (witch), Evan (Pirate), Carter (Peter Pan), Ninny, Clay (Vikings Football player, Dallas (golfer). (Sumner and Dallas are two of the neighbor kids/Missing Jordyn and Megan)

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Jacque said...

Pretty cute Peter Pan crew if I do say so myself!

Sarah Smith said...

Super Cute costumes. Good work!

Cherie said...

Emily I am sure that what you described is exactly the same type of thing. You can't know what a person is going through unless you walk in those same shoes. You know people are just trying to be nice and have some sort of connection but sometimes you wish they would just not. :D

BTW missed this post - the kids look adorable on Halloween!