Monday, March 30, 2009

Photo Smorgasbord

We had a great time celebrating Jordyn and Evan's birthdays. We had a little party in Billings with my parents and then a week later we had a party with Tom's family in Gillette. They got some really great presents... thanks everyone!

My mother-in-law had a cake made for Jordyn and Evan. We decided on Spongebob because Evan is a big fan. It turned out really cute, don't you think? Evan was way excited when he saw it!

My latest project was painting our kitchen table. My friend had given us this table a few years ago. I'm so mad at myself because I forgot to take a "before" picture. So I found one online of our exact table. Just try to imagine it not so new and with a few burn marks on the top!


After (without the leaf)

I really love it. It looks so much better and matched really well with our black appliances.

BLIZZARD: Round two! We are in the middle of another blizzard today! Rumor has it that it's supposed to be worst than the last storm! The wind is blowing HARD and the streets are getting re-covered in drifts. I think we'll be trapped in our subdivision by tonight! Tom said he barely made it driving through the snow to our house at lunch time. And school was canceled today, too. Update: The storm has died down now. It won't be as bad as our last storm. However, as I type, Tom is outside trying to dig his car out of the snow. He got stuck coming home from work. There is another car stuck on the same street too. Luckily, he was only a block away from home!

First photo below: view out our front window on a pretty normal day. Second photo: same view out the window during a wind storm. Third photo: view out the same window today!

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Cherie said...

Your table looks great! Love the black.

It makes me feel like painting ours. Ours is just old now and needs...something!

The Spongebob cake is adorable!!

Jeni said...

Emily the table looks soo good! I should have done that when we owned it, you are so creative!

Pop said...

Cake looks great; table looks great; weather looks terrible.

Jenny Moore said...

Nice job on your table!! Looks great! It's amazing how a little paint can totally make it look like a new piece of furniture!

Wendy said...

Happy late b-day to the kidlets! Love the spongebob cake. And the table looks awesome!