Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Blizzard Update

We got home fine today. The roads were actually clear and dry the entire way. I think they plowed on the interstate yesterday and then it dried by today. When we were driving into town, it didn't really look too bad. There are areas of large drifts and then areas of hardly any snow. But we we got to our subdivision and you could see how high the drifts really were! Our driveway was piled high with snow, so we had to shovel a path to get through. I think it was mainly from the plowed street. It left a huge pile in front of our driveway. A few photos of our neighborhood:

A house in our neighborhood. I think it wins the prize for the tallest snow drift. Luckily, no one is living in it right now!

One of the roads to our house. Guess we aren't getting through that way!

They plowed a narrow path to our house and another house. I guess I will be taking Jordyn to school tomorrow because the bus still can't get through! ( not our house in the photo)
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Pop said...

You got outta Dodge just in time. Five inches of snow here overnight and the roads aren't good. But at least no wind to cause drifting.

Cherie said...

That is crazy and I have been complaining about a little wind. Yikes!

At least the sun is shining in these pictures.

Happy Spring...well soon I hope!

Sarah Smith said...

WOW!! That is amazing. I thought it was bad here in Butte. I miss Vegas. It is in the 70's there!!