Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I don't know if you have been hearing about the blizzard that hit Wyoming on Monday. Well, too bad we weren't there to see it! We left Friday night (the high was 69 degrees that day) and went to Billings for the weekend. Jordyn had doctor's appointments on Monday morning and Tom took work off to come with us. We planned to leave on Monday afternoon. I thought we were in the clear and would have GREAT weather. Then a freak snow storm hit WY on Monday morning. They canceled school in Gillette on Mon, Tue, and Wed. Tom's work did not open on Mon. and Tues. They whole city of Gillette was shut down! That includes a large stretch of the interstate too. We have been here in Billings having fun while we wait for the roads to open again. It's pretty strange to be here with fairly nice weather while everyone is digging out of the snow in Gillette. I can't even IMAGINE what our house looks like. We hear there are tons of large snow drifts. Out in our area we tend to get them even more since there is nothing to block the wind. I'll take photos when we get home. But, the roads opened again tonight and we are headed back in the morning. I can't wait to see what we find! Keep your fingers crossed the roads are ok.
I posted a few pictures I found on weather.com of our town!

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Collett Family said...

What crazy spring weather! I am glad you were already at your destination before the storm hit.

We went to visit my family last weekend in central Utah and experienced a myriad of weather. On Saturday, it was 76 and Craig got sunburned on a bike ride. On Monday, when we were driving home, there was a terrible snow storm and we could barely see as we were driving. When is it just going to warm up and stay warm? We are ready for the sunshine.