Thursday, September 18, 2008

Welcome Home Todd!

My little brother Todd just got home from his mission tonight! He served in the New York New York North Mission. We're so glad we got to be here to pick him up at the airport and welcome him home! We've been asking him a million questions and having fun listening to all of his stories. Here's a few of the things we asked him that I'm sure others in the family are wondering about too:
Best food he ate - Paella (a Colombian dish that consists of Rice, Salami, and Shrimp.)
Worst/Weirdest food he ate - Turkey neck
Celebrities he saw - Bob Costas, Deli guy from the David Letterman Show, Donnie Osmond (twice), cast member of SNL (couldn't remember which one), David Neeleman (Jet Blue CEO).
Are you going to grow facial hair now? (on your mission you can't have facial hair) Todd said,"Yeah, I'll try!"
What things did you learn on your mission that you will continue to do now that you are home? Be more tidy, Read scriptures and go to Institute, eat vegetables and not be so picky with food.

A few things that Todd told us when he got home:
He talked to people from at least 61 different countries (he kept track).
Central Park was WAY bigger than he was expecting.

A few funny things Todd said when he got home:
He said everything looked the same at the house, just smaller.
He asked if Carter was 2 years old. (he's 9 mo. old)
He said,"Liam's walking now?" (Liam's 3 yrs. old)

It's only been 4 hours since he's been home (when I posted this) so we have lots of catching up to do and a lot more questions! It's good to have Todd home!

Before & After

Arriving at the airport.

Isn't this the coolest picture? It's Todd's favorite from his whole mission.

An area of The Bronx.

For all you Seinfeld fans!

Todd said this street was probably the worst street for drugs and very dangerous. He also said they felt safe though because they were missionaries. Everyone knows who they are and just leaves them alone!

Todd at the MET.

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Topher said...

Can we play a little game I call "What's Pop saying in that picture?" Ok, here's my guess to the picture with Todd standing with his hands on hips with Pop and Mama K.

Todd: So Dad, how's retirement?
Pop: Oh my, did you know that Drew Carey is now the host of The Price is Right? We can watch tomorrow right after we rototil the garden. Do people in the Bronx watch The Price is Right? It's wonderful.

Jenny said...

Yeah, pictures of Todd!! I'm so glad you posted them. We're so excited!! Our boys keep asking when Todd is coming to visit. So...Todd...when are you coming to visit???

Pop said...

No, I was saying, "See that young woman over there. She would probably make a nice wife."

Anonymous said...

Hey that is the same mission Luke (my husband) went to! He's never taken me back, but one day...

Susan said...

Oh, so glad you posted pictures, I was thinking about Todd all night.
Todd, you look great and those are some neat photos. Welcome Home!

Wendy said...

How fun for you to have your bro home. Love the Seinfeld restaurant pic.

Shannon said...

AHHHH love the pictures... I want my photo taken in front of a graffti wall... maybe i should go downtown this weekend.. if you don't hear from me you know what happened. hahahaha

Susie said...

Aw, I remember when my brother Todd came home from his mission! Only he's my big brother, and he went to Argentina. So he talked really funny for about a month because he couldn't remember English!
That's a super-cool black and white of him.