Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Theme Song

I designated Coldplay's song, Viva La Vida, as our "theme song" for moving. I just love this song! I'm sure you've heard it because I think it's the #1 song right now. I don't know much about the lyrics but the tune just makes me feel happy and sad all at the same time. I also think it could be a good running song too... it has a good beat.

Now when I hear that song, it makes me think about our decision to move and all the emotions we've gone through so far. It also got me reminiscing about all of the other songs that remind me of certain events in my life.

For instance, whenever I hear Enya I think of when I was younger and we would drive to California or Utah to see my grandparents. It seemed like my dad would always play Enya. It's so funny because when I hear them now, I feel like I'm sitting in our van driving along on the interstate and staring out the window.

Second Song. Coldplay's song called Yellow. (I must really like Coldplay!) That song totally takes me back to the time when Tom and I were dating. We both loved that song and listened to it over and over.

Third Song. Almost any song by the Cranberries reminds me of my sister Jenny! I can't remember for sure, but we may have shared a room when she was really into the Cranberries. Probably "Dreams" and "Linger" are the ones I remember the most.

I have to include a couple of country songs too! I was really into country music during high school, and I still like to listen to it every now and then. Garth Brook's, The Dance, reminds of when me and my best friends Jeni and Bobbie were dating guys who all happened to be best friends too. They loved Garth Brooks and esp. that song! Lonestar's song Amazed reminds me of Jeni and Bobbie too. We had front row seats at their concert (we were in high school) and got lucky enough to meet the lead singer after the concert and get autographs. I could probably write a long post about that concert and how much fun it was. I'd post some photos of it but they're in boxes right now!

What songs bring back memories from different stages of your life???

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Susan said...

Songs that remind me of childhood are "America" by Neil Diamond, "Africa" by Toto and many songs by the BeeGees. (Cheezy, I know, but I still like them all).

And anytime I hear "Faithfully" by Journey I think of Kurt.

Pop said...

"Africa" and "America" were both on a demonstration cassette that came with the Oldsmobile station wagon we bought in about 1984. We all liked that tape and played it a lot in the car. The two songs that remind me of my teenage years are "Moon River," which won an Oscar in 1961 ("Breakfast at Tiffany's) and "You Were on My Mind," by We Five. That group was nominated for a Grammy as best new artist in 1965, but were beat out by the Beatles. Here's a YouTube clip of "You Were on My Mind:"


The Shep's Herd said...

I am a theme song person too. As my theme song for today it is a song called "Regret" by Life house. I love how songs can take us back in time and they help make our memories so strong about certain times in our lives. When ever i hear "bizarre love triangle" by New Order I am swiftly taken back to senior fun day at Lagoon, What a day.

Cherie said...

I am an overly sentimental person so I think I have a story to go with alot of songs.
I am just really grateful that music can take us back to different times in our life. It must click something in our brains which is pretty amazing.
I know just last week when Kurke was out of town on business a song from our dating years came on the radio and I was instantly transported back and could feel those feelings again.
Music is powerful.

Shannon said...

CAKE - Going the Distance and I will Survive as well as Alanis Morisette Uninvited always reminds me of you.
NSync will forever remind me of a lot of high school moments.
Neyo reminds me of hanging out with Vin Diesel. hahaha.
The first Coldplay Cd reminds me of living in Seattle on a cot.
Any 80's song reminds me of cleaning the Pueblo house.
lauryn hill reminds me of driving to spokane to see nsync.
Jack Johnson bubbly toes reminds me of my friend cooking me dinner while it was raining out in missoula.
Oh man... I could go on and on...
HAHA LFO Summer song about the girls from abercrombie and fitch reminds me of Jordan Shortridge. hahhaa.
Anyway, that is just a few.

Jeni said...

Oh man I could go on and on about songs and the memories I have of them! Definetely anything with Garth Brooks reminds me of the Central Guys. Same with some Kenny Chesney songs that they used to sing out loud all the time. Remember those? Nsync reminds me of Shannon too! I remember your sister Jenny liking The Cranberries also. The song "The Rose" by Bette Midler reminds me of when we used to hit "demo" on your keyboard and convince Todd we were playing a duet..ahahahahah. We were so young and stupid back then haha. Of course anything Ben Harper reminds me of Jeff. And Tim McGraw's "Something Like That (BBQ Stained T shirt song) brings back memories of us girls screaming it in my little escort on the way to my house for lunch in highschool.

Sean and Jamie said...

I am glad to see you are in Montana and have lots of time to post blogs! We will really miss you - I know Sean will miss his buddy Tom. Good luck with schools!
Summer 07 My theme song was 'Stand' by Rascal Flatts - it was a rough time and I would crank up that song on a lousy day! Also, every time I hear 'Raindrops Keep Fallin' On My Head' I think of my mom tucking me in at night, one of my earliest memories.

Jenny said...

That is so funny you remember me listening to the cranberries. I think it was the first CD I ever bought. I listened to that one about a million times and I still listen to it once in awhile!!

I love the Beegees and Neil Diamond for sentimental reasons too.

But the Coldplay song, Viva la Vida, is OUR anthem from our vacation to Montana. Maybe we'll just have to share it. Now when it comes on the radio I think I'm in Montana again. If only....

momma k said...

When I was 14 I worked as a waitress at a little cafe, people started playing "I Wanna Hold Your Hand" by a new group, The Beatles. It became very annoying after hearing it about 500 times because the title of the song was about 90% of the lyrics.