Saturday, September 20, 2008

UFO's & Aliens

The other night we were watching a show on TV about UFO sightings and alien abductions. I actually hate watching these shows because they freak me out! Anyways, we've gotten in a few discussions with both of our families about our opinions on UFO's and aliens, etc. Most of us came to the conclusion that we did NOT believe in alien abductions, but that we DID believe in UFO sightings. I believe there are some pretty credible people who claim to have seen UFO's.

Tom actually has seen a UFO and his mom says she's seen two. Tom said he was out on one of the ranches in Wyoming and saw a really huge bright ring of lights that was only 20-30 ft. above him in the sky. He said it was making a weird noise like a helicopter whooshing sound in slow motion. The next day, other people in the area said they saw it too.... pretty interesting. I actually think the UFO was just dropping Tom off.

So, we wanted to get everyone else's opinion on UFO's and aliens.

Have you seen a UFO or alien or know someone that has?
Do you believe in UFO sightings?
Do you believe there are aliens?
Do you believe in alien abductions?

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Atrueoriginall said...

I guess you're going to have to explain first how one can believe in UFOs (of an alien nature) but cannot at the same time believe that there are aliens in them.

Jenny said...

I believe Tom is an alien.

Jennie said...

I believe in aliens, but I wonder why they'd want to come here, of all places. I think they're probably too busy solving problems on their own worlds to make the trip. Or maybe they just want to show off their cool spaceships to other worlds...

Holly said...

My mom swears to have seen a UFO. She was up with a baby at three in the morning and heard a soft humming sound. Looked out the window and a huge round saucer-like thing was passing very, very low over our house and the neighborhood. she said she's never seen anything like it before. And then she said it just took off fast. No, my mom is not crazy-I swear.

Atrueoriginall said...

I think that if their technology required to travel so far exists that their whole society would be completely dialed in.

It's actually healthier not to believe. Science dictates that everything must be tested or 'at least' observed in order to be deemed fact. You've personally observed nothing so you should only put it in the back of your mind but never in that filing cabinet called 'truth'.

Holly's mom has observed so she has something that speaks, "I believe".

Why are they here? You do not want to know and you shouldn't seek either because you'll find a whole lot of garbage on the subject online. You have nothing to worry about though.

If by chance they ever do knock on our door, expect everything they do to be a ruse and nothing more, no matter how scary it could get.

Holly: What year did you mom see a UFO and what state are you in? You don't have to answer that if you're in Utah also.

Here below are all of the notable Utah sightings from the early 60's thru to Sept 12, 08. They update this about every two week or so.

Utah UFO sightings - National UFO Reporting Center

Emily said...

One more side note. Have you ever noticed that people who claim to see a UFO, NEVER see an alien at the same time? Hmmm.

My theory is that there are other worlds with people just like us on them. They are probably the ones flying the UFO's. Not sure about this idea, but maybe they are wearing high tech space suits and then they are mistaken as "aliens".
I have no idea... my head hurts thinking about it.

Atrueoriginall said...

How can you see an alien in their inside of the spacecraft.

Abductions ceased years ago so whatever they're doing these days doesn't dictate that they land and show their faces.

UFO sightings like the Holly said her mom saw are also a thing of the past. Most UFO sightings these days are lights, orbs, things of that nature. Spooky stuff.

Holly said...

K-my mom said it was 1976 in Orem, UT. She's not sure if it was disk-shaped or oblong. She said it was too big and too close to the rooftops to tell.

Cherie said...

I don't believe in any of it. I guess you would call me a skeptic - ha ha.

I too believe there are many other worlds similar to ours.

I think if there were life on other planets that managed to make it all the way to earth that they would make themselves known.

Why are so called aliens always depicted as ugly and evil??

The Breckons said...

I have to say I've never given it much thought ... although your post certainly opened up a can of worms when I asked my family their thoughts! I love to hear what everyone thinks about various topics! So glad that your move went well ... how is the job and house hunting?

Jeni said...

Do you remember how scared we used to get watching Unsolved Mysteries in my basement?!? That is what this post reminded me of! I will have to think about the alien vs. UFO and get back to you!

The Shep's Herd said...

I don't believe in alien abductions. I just don't think God would allow that. I do believe in other life not on this planet. To add to the mystery when I was kid we were outside watching the stars with my mom. We were looking at these two really bright stars that were close to each other. They were so bright we couldn't take our eyes off them. All of a sudden one star moved and became parallel with the other bright star. Moments later both start shot off together to the right of the sky. It was not a normal thing to see. Stars just don't do that. Aliens? I dont know?? I do know it wasn't airplanes or weather balloons.

Wendy said...

Emily, I think I was watching the same show. It was interesting that those who had been "abducted" had all revealed it under hypnosis (at least the parts I saw).

Its something I've considered throughout the years. I don't think I believe in Aliens. The UFO sightings are interesting but I wonder if their certain government aircraft - maybe from our country/maybe from other countries - is that too conspiracy theorist of me??