Monday, March 17, 2008


1. I permed my hair.
2. I ran a 5 mile race on Saturday.

Here's a photo of my new hair. I have been wanting to get my hair permed for a long time. Many of you probably know that when you have straight hair, you want curly hair & when you have curly hair, you want straight hair. I have to say that I think it looks a little better in person... not the greatest photo in the world. But, I do like it and the best part is that is it SOOO easy to do in the mornings! No more blow drying for 15 + min. (I have a lot of hair) and then curling for another 15 min. We'll see how I feel in a few months and if I want curly hair permanently. Actually, I was hoping it would be a little less curly, more like big waves, but oh well. Maybe next time I'll try for bigger curls.

Saturday I ran a 5 mile race with my friend Holly. We were planning on running a 5k and at the last minute, Holly talked me into running the 5 mile instead! It was tough, but we ran the whole way and it went great! Now that I've run a 5 mile race, I feel like I can train for a half marathon that's coming up in May. I think it will feel so cool to say that I ran a five mile race when Carter was 2 1/2 months old and a half marathon when I had a 5 month old. Actually, maybe that just sounds crazy!

Just a few other things going on in my life. I got a new calling at church and now I'm the first counselor in Young Women's. That is always a great calling. It's fun to hang out with the girls and we have a really great bunch. I also think it's so hilarious to hear all of the "drama" that goes on in their lives. The funny thing is that it is soooo trivial, but they think it's such a big deal! I just listen to them and laugh to myself!

After having Carter, I was pretty excited to lose the baby weight (as you can imagine). I started keeping track of my weight loss when he was about 1 month old. I feel like after a month you kind of plateau and actually have to start working hard if you want to lose the weight fairly quick. So far I've lost 16 pounds. Sadly, I gained a lot of weight with Carter's pregnancy and I still have 20 lbs. to reach my goal weight. But, I think it's going great so far. It's funny how weight loss is such a roller coaster ride. One day your so motivated and doing great. The next, your bored or frustrated and sick of it. Most of the time I think it's actually fun to make goals (what I'm going to eat, what I'll do to exercise on certain days, etc.) and work to reach them. I love reading magazines, books, and articles about eating healthy and exercising. And of course I love when I see results from the hard work.

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Jenny said...

Love the hair! I bet it is so easy, like you said. And great job on the run! You ARE crazy!

Cindy said...

Emily awesome job on the weight loss. Your hair is so cute and you look great. Good job on the 5 mile run with Holly. I wish I could have been there to do it with you guys. I think you'll do awesome at the 1/2 marathon in May. You would amaze me if you do it because I tried doing one when Emilee was 4 months old but I couldn't pull it off, so keep up the good work and I'm pulling for you

Susan said...

Cute Hair! Mine is straight now -I will probably want it curly in a few months.

Is that Carter? Did you dye his hair red for St. Patty's Day?

Holly said...

You are amazing Emily to be pushing yourself this hard shortly after having Carter. That run Saturday was awesome. I loved it. I think i could learn a lot from you and your running ways! :)

Holly said...

p.s. cute hair!

Emily said...

Yes that is a photo of Carter!

Anonymous said...

You are right--we always want the hair we don't have. I like the new curls. Susan talked about red hair and St. Patty's Day. My stylist, Marty, got a little carried away yesterday, the 17th. My new hair color is definitely more red than it was before!