Saturday, March 22, 2008

Birthday Extravaganza!

Well, the celebrating is officially over. I think it's actually really fun to have two birthdays in a row. We're always kind of sad when Jordyn's B-day is over, but then we realize that we get to celebrate Evan's the next day!

Thursday night we went to Build a Bear (courtesy of Aunt Jenny and Uncle Chris) and Jordyn and Evan both picked cute dogs. You can see in the photos that Evan's dog is just wearing camouflage underwear. Very stylish. I helped Jordyn pick a cute shirt for her dog and then we bought a cool wheelchair too. Evan has been playing with that wheelchair ever since and has also been trying to sit in it himself. We keep trying to tell him his butt is too big. Then we came home and ate cake & ice cream and opened presents.

Friday we took Evan to McDonald's for the first time, to have a Happy Meal and play in the Play Land. He loved every minute of it. Then we ate his cake and he opened his presents. I think the kids had great birthdays! Click on the photo below to see all the fun!


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Pop said...

Great pictures!

momma k said...

Hey, the cakes do look great! Reminds me of when Grandpa, Colleen and I all had our birthdays together--it is fun!

Jenny said...

I love your cakes too. It looked like you guys had so much fun!!