Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Quick Update

I don't have much to report this week. I had my doctor's appointment this morning and didn't find out much. The doc. decided not to check and see how dilated I was. He said now that I've reached 34 weeks, they are not as concerned and checking to see if you're dilated just irritates and "stirs things up" for the baby. I felt exactly the same as last week, with no new symptoms, so the doctor wasn't concerned. Now just more waiting! Every week I go in, he says it could be a couple more weeks. A few more weeks would be a very good thing, but I also want to have this baby! It always drives me crazy, every pregnancy, that you just don't know when the baby will come! Even the doctor has no real idea when the baby will come. I'll update again next week!

Monday, November 26, 2007

This might be my last "Menu Plan Monday" that I post in awhile. I know everyone will miss it so much! You're Mondays just won't be the same without it. After I have the baby, I am sure I won't be cooking very much. But at some point, I don't know when, I will get back to planning meals and cooking again!

I also didn't post our menu last week. We were a little busy the first of the week, with my mom arriving. And then of course it was Thanksgiving and we ate leftovers for the rest of the week. I am already loving the fact that I don't have to cook much while my mom is visiting! I told her the other day that I don't know if I will ever want to go back to cooking all of the time. It's such a nice break!

Monday: Mac & Beef Bake served with green beans

Tuesday: Cooking Class at church (Tom is on his own!)

Wednesday: Angel Chicken w/ leftover rolls

Thursday: Grilled burgers with 5 cup fruit salad

Friday: Out to eat

Saturday: Stir Fry served with egg rolls

Sunday: White Chili served with cornbread

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Appointment Update & Happy Thanksgiving!

I made it another week! I had my appointment today and I am now dilated to a three. My doctor said it could be another 1-2 weeks. This is good news! He said if I make it one more week, then they will not try and stop labor. He also said most 34 week babies go home and do not stay in the NICU. The baby is measuring around the size of a 34 or 35 week baby, so that is good too! Once again, I am in the mindset of just making it to my next appointment, on Tuesday. Then we'll take it from there! I can tell the baby is very low and my contractions are getting somewhat stronger. So, keep your fingers crossed that I will at least make it to next week! The pictures above are of me at 27 weeks (left photo) and 33 weeks (right photo - today). I posted them in a little size to create the illusion that I am smaller than I really am!

My mom decided to come and stay with us until the baby comes, which is great! I feel a huge relief that I don't have to worry about calling someone to watch the kids. I worried about what Jordyn would do or having to explain everything we do with Jordyn in an entire day (feeding, naps, meds, behavior problems, etc...it is alot of information to tell someone!). My mom knows most of this stuff already or has been figuring it out quickly the past few days. This way, I can stay off my feet and take it easy while Tom is at work. She got here Monday night and things have been going well. Yesterday, Jordyn had a "Thanksgiving Feast" at school, that all families were invited to. Everyone brought finger food and then we got to stay for an hour and see what goes on during Jordyn's school day. She seemed so happy at school and the teachers thought she was on her best behavior because we were there.

Now we are getting ready for Thanksgiving and starting to bake a few things for tomorrow. We also have a 23 lb. turkey that Tom got from his work. Yes, 3 adults and 2 children are going to eat a 23 lb. turkey! Well, not in one day. We already have many leftovers planned. Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!

Jordyn wearing her Indian hat.

Evan playing at recess with Grandma.

Jordyn playing at recess.

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Thursday, November 15, 2007

Freakin' Out

Well, I had my doctor's appointment today and got the shock of a lifetime. I am already dilated 2 cm., 50% effaced, & the baby has dropped..... which means I am having this baby a lot sooner than I thought! My doctor said I would be lucky if I make it to 35 weeks and that I might have the baby in the next week or two. AGH! I didn't even know how to react. I had a feeling I might have the baby a little early, but not this early. We are just hoping that the baby will be as big as possible and not have to stay in the NICU for very long or at all. According to my ultrasounds, I could be around 33 weeks instead of 32, so that would help a little I suppose.

I have been really nervous ever since I left my appointment and I am already paranoid about every little contraction (I've had Braxton Hicks contractions for quite awhile now) or feeling I have. I think it will be a LONG week until my next appointment on Wednesday. And sadly, my doc. told us there is no way we can travel anywhere for Thanksgiving. We had planned to go to Wyoming, but that is out of the picture now. We will miss everyone there and hope they don't have too much fun without us!

I feel like I have so much to do to get ready. I had gotten a few of the baby things out of storage, but still need to get many other things ready. I also have so much anxiety all of a sudden! I'm obviously worried that the baby will be too small, will my water break, will I go to the hospital at the right time, will I be able to get an epidural, will the kids be ok while Tom and I are gone, on and on and on. I think most pregnant women worry about these things!

I'll keep you updated!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Monday: Out to eat at Primo's. This is the greatest all you can eat pizza buffet! It's only $5 a person, kids 3 and under are free. It includes pizza, salad, pasta, and dessert. The pizza is good, maybe not as great as the larger franchise's, but really good for $5. We have a coupon for one of us to eat free, so our dinner is costing us only $5! We really love their cookie dough dessert pizza... man it's good!
Tuesday: Chinese Pork Chops w/ mini egg rolls.
Wednesday: Meatball Subs w/ fruit
Thursday: Baked Potato Bar w/ vegetable soup.
Saturday: Herbed Beef w/ noodles and cooked carrots
Sunday: Chili and Corn Bread

Sunday, November 11, 2007

I'm so disappointed in everyone. Well, except for one person... whoever you are. I guess I need to explain why I polled everyone on whether they wear socks to bed or not. Every night when Tom and I get into bed, he tries to rub his cold feet against my warm feet and legs. It drives me CRAZY and he knows it. I tell him to knock it off & of course he thinks it's hilarious and continues. I'll tell him that I am really mad and not joking around.... I'll say, "Get your cold feet off me and put some socks on if you want to warm them up!" He always tells me that no one wears socks to bed and he doesn't like to either.

So, according to my poll, not many other people wear their socks to bed on a regular basis. But, I am still going to wear my socks to bed and Tom can be jealous that my feet are warm and his aren't!

Thursday, November 08, 2007

School Photo

Here is Jordyn's school photo. Good enough for me! It obviously could be better, but I never expect them to be too great. You just never know what Jordyn's mood will be for those 2 min. out of the whole day. I wish I would have picked a different shirt though, it looks too big or something. But, I was just happy she wasn't crying like her spring photo!
We also had Jordyn's parent/teacher conference yesterday. They said she is doing great, etc. They also said she has a great set of lungs & that some of the kids always plug their ears when she cries. I just laughed!
PS: Check out the poll on the left side of my blog. Just thought I would try out the new "poll" feature.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

I feel like I need to explain our Monday meal. Do you go through phases where you just can't think of something to eat for dinner? I had one meal left to think of for the week and Mac & Cheese with Corn Dogs is what I came up with! I have never seen Evan eat so fast and Tom acted like it was the best dinner he'd ever had. Crazy boys. Corn dogs are really good though!

Another topic: I think the #1 hardest thing when I plan my menus is thinking up side dishes. I tend to use the same ones over and over. What do you use on a regular basis for side dishes? I need some new ideas.

Monday: Homemade Mac & Cheese with Corn Dogs
Tuesday: Chicken Chilaquiles served with green salad
Wednesday: Griller Hamburgers with 5 Cup Fruit Salad
Thursday: Veggie Ravioli served with crescent rolls
Friday: Pumpkin Muffins served with scrambled eggs
(I have to re-make the muffin recipe from last week because I accidentally left out the baking soda! Oops.)
Saturday: Pork Chops served with rice and green beans
Sunday: Country Chicken and Two Cheese Ziti

Thursday, November 01, 2007

I've been tagged by my friend Wendy. I am supposed to list seven interesting things about myself. Tom tried to help me and we had fun laughing at all of the weird ideas we came up with. Some of them I refused to mention on here! So here goes: 7 interesting things about myself:

1. One of my biggest pet peeves (among many) is when my socks get wet. If there is a drop of water on the floor and I step in it, I have to go change my socks or it will drive me crazy. The WORST is when there is a wet spot on the carpet, that you can't see, and I step in it.... I will scream and then go change my socks.

2. In high school, I worked at Champs Sports. If anyone knows me, I am not really into any sports... except running. I had NO IDEA who any of the sports teams were or really what I was doing at all. I got the job through a friend and worked there for over a year, I think. Next time you are in the mall and walk by a Champs store, look at the employees and imagine me working there. Pretty hilarious. Now I would love to work there and get a discount on running shoes!

3. I used to have a mole on my neck/shoulder area that I named "Chip", because it looked like a chocolate chip. Luckily, I got it removed before our wedding.

4. I have always wanted to learn to play the harp.

5. Ever since being pregnant, I keep having dreams that I am running races while I am pregnant. Surprisingly, I keep up with everyone and run fast!

6. I had a belly button piercing for a year during my senior year in high school. Have I told my parents this yet? I can't remember.

7. I don't really like pie crust. I love the pie filling though. But, I think I am slowly coming around to eating the whole piece of pie. I think one of my next baking projects will be making my first pie from scratch... we'll see how I like the crust. Oh, I also won't eat store bought Chicken Pot Pie because I don't like that crust either.

The people I am tagging next are, guess who.... my family!

  • Tom
  • Jenny
  • Chris
  • Susan
  • Maria
  • Dave (who are we kidding?)

Jordyn's Physical Therapy


Just a note: Check Tom's Blog to see Tom, Jordyn, & Evan in their Halloween costumes.

Here's a quick look at what Jordyn has been working on in physical therapy. She does physical, speech, and occupational at school. We also go to a private physical therapist once a week and are on a waiting list for private speech and occupational therapy. The photos are from yesterday and the week before. Yesterday was fun because she got her first chance to work with a therapy dog. She fussed a little bit at the beginning, but then got used to it and seemed to like it. She threw a ball for the dog to fetch, petted him a lot, snuggled with him on the ground, and the dog ate snacks off her stomach and out of her hand. She has really been making great progress in therapy. She sits unassisted more and more everyday. She is getting good at correcting herself too... if she starts to lean to the side, she will straighten back up and not fall over. But, the best progress of all, she started taking steps! If you've been around her a lot, you might know that when you stood her up she would NOT move her legs. She kept her legs stiff as a board and just never would move them. Now when you stand her up, she almost immediately takes a step. The video is a small look at her "walking". Tom is not helping her move her legs, only leaning her side to side. It takes her a minute to get started, but then she does pretty good! Enjoy!