Thursday, November 08, 2007

School Photo

Here is Jordyn's school photo. Good enough for me! It obviously could be better, but I never expect them to be too great. You just never know what Jordyn's mood will be for those 2 min. out of the whole day. I wish I would have picked a different shirt though, it looks too big or something. But, I was just happy she wasn't crying like her spring photo!
We also had Jordyn's parent/teacher conference yesterday. They said she is doing great, etc. They also said she has a great set of lungs & that some of the kids always plug their ears when she cries. I just laughed!
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Anonymous said...

Grandpa and I both think Jordyn's picture is really cute. He thinks she looks studious and wants to get back to her studies. I see her little spirit shining through.

Jenny said...

I love the photo. Can we have a copy for Christmas? Go Jordyn!!

Susan said...

I think Jordyn's picture is great.

We got the preschool pictures back and Katherine's is so funny. Her facial expression is a mix between fear and surprise. It's actually growing on us because it shows her personality.

Wendy said...

I'm an anti-sock-wearer-to-bed kind of person. Jordyn always looks so cute!