Friday, July 27, 2007

UPDATE: I am happy to report that Tom and I both got up this morning and exercised! When the alarm went off I REALLY wanted to stay in bed, but I thought to myself,"What if someone checks up on us to see if we exercised? I can't tell them no!" And sure enough, at least one person did, thanks Jenny! Tom went running and I did part of one of my videos (I am waiting for some pregnancie videos on hold at the library) until Tom got back and then I went for a short walk. Tom and I both actually liked getting up early. Once you are up and awake it's not so bad!

Monday is the big day. Tom and I are both going to start exercising again. I think I feel well enough to get in some kind of exercise and Tom has been wanting to start working out again also. We decided we needed to pick a day to start and wake up together. We will alternate one of us staying home and doing a video and the other will go outside and run/walk/bike. (I will only be walking!) I decided to annouce it on my blog so that we HAVE to do it and hold ourselves accountable.... otherwise we might just decide to sleep in.

Tom asked me to look at the library catalog online and find him a "manly" workout video. So, I found quite a few videos that I thought would work for him, but unfortunately he didn't like any of them:

- Belly Dance/Cardio Shimmy
- 1 minute workout
- Zookinesis Chair Exercises
- Latin Rythm Workout
- I Want That Body
- Shrink Your Female Fat Zones
- Island Girl Dance Fitness
- (my favorite) Chubby Hubby Workout

Note: Tom is very tolerant when it comes to me teasing/making fun of him on my blog. Thanks Tom for being such a good sport!

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Topher said...

Chubby Hubby Workout is a complete waste of time. It's like they made it in their basement, and they guy is, well, chubby. How is that motivating? If it's such a great workout, wouldn't he be in shape?

I like the ones by John Basedow. They're mostly dumbell workouts, but he's pretty straight forward with no hokie music, etc. Pretty lame set designs, though.

Good luck

momma k said...

Maybe Tom and Chris should produce their exercise videos. What would they call them? Tom could be lifting logs in his.

Jenny said...

Well, did you exercise yet today? I started exercising today too because you guys were going to start again! Thanks for being great motivators!