Friday, July 13, 2007

Random Photos

Last night Evan climbed up on Jordyn and sat on her lap, all by himself! I was laughing so hard. He even would lean back on Jordyn and relax (1st photo). Of course, Jordyn didn't like it too much when he leaned on her face! Then Evan thought it was a fun game to get off her lap, get back on, get off, get back on. We had fun and Jordyn even laughed part of the time.

I think Evan has a love/hate relationship with Jordyn. I am sure EVERY sibling relationship is like that. He has learned to give Jordyn kisses and even will try to snuggle with her on the floor. But then, he also likes to hit her on the head/face and mess up her hair too!

Jordyn made a clone of herself at school in Spokane. They actually traced their bodies and then printed pics. of their faces. And I love how they added in her pigtails! It was so hilarious to see all of the kids with their "clones" hanging on the wall. Every day Evan and I would go pick up Jordyn we would stop and look at Jordyn's picture. Evan always just stared at it like "what in the world is Jordyn doing up there"? When we brought her art work home, we hung it in her bedrom by her bed. But, the next few nights she was very fussy when falling asleep and we think the picture may have been scaring her! We took it down and she was much happier. When we moved, I didn't know how I was going to pack and store her art work without it getting ruined so I decided to just take a picture of it. (an idea from my organized sister, Jenny!) I just laugh at this picture every time I look at it because it kind of freaks you out. It looks like Jordyn has a scarey twin.

Here is Evan goofing off at breakfast. We had to go and buy plastic dishes after Evan broke about 3 small bowls when he threw them on the tile floor. In Spokane we had carpet and they never broke! I guess we didn't really think about the tile floor and breakable dishes! He is also the messiest eater I have ever known. We almost have to give him a bath every time he eats. I can't wait until he can figure out how to use a spoon and fork!
We are having so much fun with Evan learning new things. Once again, this is probably the kind of stuff that most parents don't get too excited about, but I always want to tell everyone about it. It's fun that he can actually communicate with us and we can figure out what he wants! We've been trying to teach him sign language too. He almost has "eat" figured out. This week he started shaking his head "yes" and "no". Of course he has no idea what they mean. He loves to go and turn the TV off while we are watching a show. He doesn't really mess too much with the volume or channel button or turning the TV on.... just turning it off! He hears the TV get turned on and waddles over, turns it off, looks at us, and walks away. We have to laugh because it's like he's saying "stop watching TV!" or "pay attention to me, not the TV"! I guess we should be really glad that he doesn't WANT to watch TV! Evan is really starting to like books also, which is fun. He also loves giving kisses to everyone, including dolls and pictures in books.

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Pop said...

Can't see the photos

Linda said...

They are so cute, we can't wait to see you guys again, it will be fun to see Evan now that he's got his little personality, mom and dad said he is just a little character. We hope to see you soon!!