Tuesday, October 03, 2006

What a day!

It's only 3:30pm and we've already had a crazy day! This morning I had to take Jordyn to get her blood drawn for a few of the tests that the doc. in Seattle wanted done. (I know, I know, I procrastinated taking her in for 2+ weeks!) Actually I took her in a week ago, but they ended up making errors on the labs and had to re-do them.... a story for another time. Anyways, Jordyn did pretty well getting her blood taken and she is glad it is over.
The hardest part about taking the kids somewhere by myself is getting them through the doors! Literally, getting them through the doors! I am always complaining about this to Tom and everyone else who will listen to me. I hate going to places now that don't have handicap buttons on the doors or automatic doors. And trust me, I have memorized ALL the places that do not have doors that I can easily get me and two kids through. Just imagine carrying Evan in one arm, trying to push and hold the door open with my body and then trying to push or pull Jordyn through the door. It's prob. quite hilarious to watch. And it seems like someone is ALWAYS watching. 90% of the time people always run over and try to help me, which is very helpful and embarrassing at the same time. I am sure it is much like trying to get a stroller through the doorway also. So, lesson to everyone. If you see a mom struggling to get through a door, go help her!
After we got done at the lab, we went to pick up Jordyn's glasses! I was thinking in my mind,"Oh good, the eye clinic has a handicap accessible door, so I won't have a problem taking both kids in." (I know it's weird, but I really do think about this before I go places!) And sure enough, the button was broken! I just started laughing, because I had just struggled through all these doors at the hospital (and what hospital doesn't have handicap doors??) and now the ONE door that has a button, doesn't even work! hahaha And of course there were like 3 people in the waiting room watching me try to get through the door.. and one finally came over and held the door for me. So, Jordyn got her glasses. She didn't really like trying them on! But, she is already getting used to them. I think they look pretty cute!
It's pretty crazy how running two errands took me almost all morning and when I got home I was ready for a break! At least the kids behaved well while we were out. I think Evan might have to learn to ride on Jordyn's wheelchair with her!
I included two other photos. One of Jordyn and Evan together and one of Evan eating his first vegetables. He likes to put his hands in his mouth and then smear the food everywhere.

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Anonymous said...

Jordyn looks real stylish. What a cute picture. And Evan doesn't look stylish, at least in the vegetable picture!

Jenny said...

Ok, I LOVE these photos. Jordyn is so cute in her glasses. MUCH cuter than her Mom looked in glasses! Haha. And Evan is hilarious! Now that is a mess I would not want to clean up!

Anonymous said...

Love it when you include pictures of the kids. These are precious--a picture is worth a thousand words!

Anonymous said...

I just want to kiss that little baby boy even if he does have food all over him!

Topher said...

I promise to be better about helping people I think might need a helping hand even if I think it might embarass them. Sometimes I think people will be embarassed and not want attention drawn to them so I hesitate.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHA Evan reminds me of Tommy Pickles from Rugrats in this picture! Sooo CUTE!!